Jesus ads at the Super Bowl will target millions who are are ‘spiritually open, but skeptical.’

A staggering sum of $20-million will spent to market Jesus worldwide at the event on February 12. How will non-religious football fans react to the ‘He Gets Us‘ campaign?

MY guess is that they will yawn, dismiss it as a monumental waste of money and simply get on with their lives. One thing is certain: they won’t be screaming their tits off in way Christian wingnuts did when “satanism” came to the Grammys earlier this month.

For example, god-besotted Republican Senator Ted Cruz, above—”a slug of a human being“— tweeted “This … is … evil” after two performers—Sam Smith and Kim Petras— sang their hit single “Unholy.”

The pair, according to Billboard took home the Grammy award for best pop duo/group performance, and Smith gave Petras the stage to celebrate being the first transgender woman to win in the category.

Evil? Nah. David Harris, magister for the Church of Satan, told TMZ that Sam and Kim’s performance was “alright” and “nothing particularly special.”

If their performance was intended to win over souls for Satan it dismally failed. The same fate, I predict, awaits the “He Gets Us” campaign, which has been favourably compared to flogging shaving gear and tobacco by a Christian aptly named Putz.

Image via YouTube

Paul Putz, above, is assistant director of Baylor University’s Faith & Sports Institute, and in this report said Don McClanen, founder of the FCA, put it best:

If athletes can endorse shaving cream, razor blades and cigarettes, surely they can endorse the Lord, too.

The obvious difference, of course, is that people actually need most of the products advertisers spend millions on promoting their wares at the Super Bowl.

Nobody needs Jesus.

Jason Vanderground, the campaign’s spokesperson said of the NFL ads:

We’re trying to get the message across to people who are spiritually open, but skeptical.

The $20-million that will be blown on the Super Bowl ads is mere fraction of what will eventually be lavished on this criminally wasteful nonsense.

As I reported a while back $1-billion is destined to be spent over a three-year period on convincing people that Jesus was a regular geezer who knew how to let his hair down.

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7 responses to “Jesus ads at the Super Bowl will target millions who are are ‘spiritually open, but skeptical.’”

  1. Jesus the imaginary special friend to the dim and deluded

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  2. It needs a counter-ad, ‘Beware Jeez and his daddy the Angel Nigel can seriously damage your health’.
    The Angel Nigel comes from the brilliant BBC Radio 4 comedy ‘Old Harry’s Game’.


  3. The “getting the message across” and convincing the audience that Jesus was a great guy depends on the assumption that Jesus of the bible really existed. Without that assumption being accepted the entire grotesquely expensive campaign cannot get off the ground. Challenging the reality of the bible Jesus is not difficult.

    The problem for atheists is that the believers grew up surrounded by the assumption of the reality of Jesus and, however vague and frail the belief it still lingers. I remember saying to a believer that I did not believe that Jesus existed. “Perhaps I can tell you why?”

    Her reply was, “You can’t possibly believe that.” That was the end of the discussion.

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    1. The great thing is that by cherrypicking Bible verses, and “reading between the lines” or simply being very inventive, you can get Jesus to say almost anything that you want him to say and support almost any viewpoint that you would like him to support. He’s the ultimate flexible friend!

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      1. Flexibility is the key. I have written the following before as it made such an impact on me. I confronted a religious pest who want me to “open my heart to Jesus” or some such phrase with two contradictory statements from the bible.

        As she insisted that the bible was God’s word and true in every respect I asked her which was true as the other must be untrue. She said, “Read the bible prayerfully and you will see that there is no contradiction.”

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  4. Here we go:

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the left-wing Democratic congresswoman from New York City, tweeted: “Something tells me Jesus would *not* spend millions of dollars on Super Bowl ads to make fascism look benign.”

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    1. This has become a YUGE topic on Reddit Atheism. Read some of the comments beneath this post:

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