Behold, another inappropriate Christian sign—and probably the costliest ever!

Image via He Gets Us

HOP across to Buzzfeed’s “50 Hilarious Church Signs That’ll Keep You Sinfully Laughing For Hours” and you’ll see a lot of rib-ticklers. My favourite? “A 4-inch tongue can bring a 6-foot man to his knees.”

That sign was spotted outside Mt Olive Baptist Church somewhere in the US.

I’m guessing it didn’t cost much but the enormous “Jesus went all in, too” electronic display is part of a $100 million campaign launched last year in America to convince people that the “messiah” was a regular guy who really knew how to “let his hair down.”

He did, after all, host a dinner party that people are still talking about 2,000 years after it happened.

Image posted by Cooper Lit Comics on Reddit/Funny

Funded by The Signatry, a multi-million dollar Christian foundation based in Kansas, the campaign is called “He Gets Us“, which declares:

American culture is at a tipping point as younger generations are finding Jesus less relevant. Christians are seen as hate-filled and judgmental, further tarnishing His reputation. But there’s a growing opportunity to help people meet the radical Jesus of the Bible.

According to The Washington Post, Jon Lee, one of the chief architects of the “the biggest campaign for Jesus in history”, said organisers hope to start a movement of people who want to tell a better story about Jesus and act like him.

Our goal is to give voice to the pent-up energy of like-minded Jesus followers, those who are in the pews and the ones that aren’t, who are ready to reclaim the name of Jesus from those who abuse it to judge, harm and divide people.

More millions down the Swanee (or the Jordan)

Image via YouTube

At the weekend the BBC reported that Jordan had announced an ambitious $100-plan aimed at drawing a million Christians to some dustly dump called al-Maghtas.

Christian mythology claims Jesus got baptised at this location, and the plan is to build a biblical village and the largest Christian pilgrimage and interfaith centre in the region. It’s due to be completed in 2030.

The location, also known as Bethany Beyond the Jordan, is a Unesco World Heritage site, where the ruins of Roman and Byzantine churches, a monastery and baptism pools are preserved among the wilderness near to the lowest point on Earth.

It really does make my blood boil that, when there are so many mouths to feed around the planet, vast amounts of money are being used to promote beliefs that serve only to stupidify the world to a greater degree.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn (Jordan report)

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2 responses to “Behold, another inappropriate Christian sign—and probably the costliest ever!”

  1. What seems incomprehensible is the need for the creator and ruler of the cosmos to give a toss what humans think of him. He doesn’t need their cash to persuade people to accept him and believe in him. We exist, currently at least, on a speck of rock in a vast galaxy with billions of stars. We are minute. The Christian insistence that God who created the cosmos with its billions of galaxies should be concerned about us is bizarre.

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  2. A return of the radical Jesus who threw money-changers out of places of worship would be worth seeing!


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