Crackpot Christian judge revives archaic Comstock Act to ban abortion pills

WHEN Anthony Comstock, above, went to war against “obscenity” and “immorality” in the late 19th century, he succeed in in getting a law passed that included criminalising the distribution of contraceptives.

The Comstock Act of 1873 defined contraceptives as obscene and illicit, making it a federal offence to disseminate birth control through the mail or across state lines. It was also intended to prohibit the mailing of “lewd” materials.

As the Act had lain dormant since the 1930s no-one believed it would ever again be invoked.

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This Easter they were proved wrong when Trump-appointed Texas District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk, above, a Christian fanatic, cited the Comstock Act to reverse the Food and Drug Administration approval of mifepristone as safe and effective

Mifepristone is reportedly used in more than half of US abortions.

If upheld, Kacsmaryk’s 67-page decision would also dismantle recent FDA changes designed to ease access to mifepristone, which can legally be mailed to those who need it.

Within hours of the Texas ruling, the Justice Department and drug manufacturer Danco Laboratories filed notices of appeal against Kacsmaryk’s ludicrous ruling, according to The Washington Post.

President Biden criticised the Texas ruling in a statement on Friday, saying the court had:

Substituted its judgment for FDA, the expert agency that approves drugs. If this ruling were to stand, then there will be virtually no prescription, approved by the FDA, that would be safe from these kinds of political, ideological attacks.

He called the decision:

Another unprecedented step in taking away basic freedoms from women and putting their health at risk.

Writing for Jezebel Kylie Cheung said:

Throughout the utterly bogus decision, in which he literally cites an 1873 law prohibiting the mailing of lewd materials, Texas District Court Judge Matthew Kacsmaryk refers to fetuses and embryos as ‘unborn humans,’ conferring legal personhood upon embryos and fetuses.

Of course, this language is a transparent play to equate abortion with murder. And hilariously, in his very first footnote, Kacsmaryk claimed he chose these words to be more scientific and ‘inclusive.’

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6 responses to “Crackpot Christian judge revives archaic Comstock Act to ban abortion pills”

  1. As the world has become more packed with people nature is exacting a penalty. We are stripping the planet of the land, animals and insects that are essential to our survival. And these religious fools are blocking contraceptives and abortions.

    The hypocrisy is obvious in that countries don’t want the very people who are supposed to be so precious. An obvious example is the UK where the attempt to stop refugees is failing and has become a political crisis. Meanwhile, today being Easter, the Archbishop of Canterbury is drivelling on about examples of the “Risen Christ”. The examples don’t exist except in the Archbishop’s imagination.

    Happy Easter – which was a pagan festival long before it was purloined as a Christian one.

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  2. Strange that the GOP are anti-abortion, a likely escape route taken by females raped by Trump.

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  3. Heaven, if these people are right, is going to be populated with billions and billions of foetuses. And the most prolific abortionist of all time is God himself!


    1. Heaven already has billions of fetuses, half of which are available as virgins for islamist suicide bombers!

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      1. The BBC, over Easter, has given much time to Christian preachers. What is never given are explanations of what is stated as a matter of fact. I heard the Archbishop of Canterbury referring to something being “evidence of the Risen Christ”. Where is the evidence to support the statement. Regarding fetuses: in what form – mental and emotional – does the dead fetus pass into heaven. Or what about an aged, demented person whose mind has gone? Do they pas over as a young person?

        There is so much else that could make an interesting debate e.g. the contradictions in the bible, the different bibles, did God speak in King James Engllish? what is the Holy Ghost? how can a God of love permit so much cruelty and so much else. But pronouncing from the pulpit leaves the preacher secure and safe from challenge.

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  4. Even thought-for-the-day in the Radio 4 ‘Today’ program is exclusively for apologists from all religions (except the FSM).


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