An anti-abortion Christian judge, nominated by Trump, is to rule on an abortion pill

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Matthew Kacsmaryk, 45, is a federal judge for the Amarillo division of the Northern District of Texas and is soon expected to rule on a lawsuit seeking to ban an FDA-approved abortion pill—a decision that could have nationwide implications for the drug’s availability.

According to Business Insider, the suit, filed by the Alliance For Hippocratic Medicine, targets the Federal Drug Administration’s 2000 approval of mifepristone, a medication abortion that can be prescribed in the first 10 weeks of pregnancy.

A number of news outlets have suggested that the case is an example of “judge hunting”—a tactic used by far-right Christian groups to choose judges sympathetic to their causes.

And Kacsmaryk admirably fits the bill.

He was raised in Forth Worth, Texas, by born-again Christians, his sister, Jennifer Griffith, told The Washington Post.

Writing for Business Insider, Lloyd Lee revealed that religion was a critical part of the Kacsmaryk household.

Griffith told the newspaper the children were taught early on that abortion was wrong. Their mother, Dorothy, is a microbiologist who began working at anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centres.

Yahoo! reports that if Kacsmaryk sides with anti-abortion groups the implications would be “catastrophic”— imposing the furthest-reaching limit on abortion access since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June.

Kacsmaryk was nominated by Trump in 2017. Since joining the federal bench in 2019, he has delivered a number of high-profile wins for conservative groups on issues such as contraception and immigration.

His nomination drew sharp criticism from Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee, who quizzed Kacsmaryk on the anti-LGBTQ statements he had made while working for the First Liberty Institute, a conservative legal advocacy group.

Is there something in Texas’s water that that produces religious wackos?

Image via Tarrant County GOP

Meet Nate Schatzline, above, a Texas state representative and former pastor who, after authoring an anti-drag bill, is facing ridicule over the fact that he was videoed prancing through a park … in drag!

According to his Tarrant County GOP profile, Schatzline is:

A proud Christian, and a devoted husband and father of two boys. He is a former pastor, the founder of For Liberty & Justice, an organization that is dedicated to mobilizing the local church to see reformation in government … It’s time to make a stand for our kids, for our personal liberties, and for our Christian values!

Schatzline’s HB 1266 bill seeks to amend Texas’ Business and Commerce Code to define a venue that hosts a “drag performance” and “authorizes on-premises consumption of alcoholic beverages” as a “sexually oriented business.”

The video that surfaced on Twitter and TikTok this week appears to show Schatzline skipping, running and dancing in a park while while wearing a black sequined dress and a red eye mask.

Michelle, the person who shared the video on social media, said:

Nate Schatzline has made his entire personality attacking the LGBTQ community, trans especially children, and vowed to ban drag shows in Texas. Here is Nate… in drag.”

Schatzline did not immediately respond to NBC News’ request for comment. However, in a tweet shared Tuesday, he appeared to confirm his participation in the video. 

Y’all really going crazy over me wearing a dress as a joke back in school for a theatre project? Yah, that’s not a sexually explicit drag show… lol y’all will twist ANYTHING.

Tennessee Governor also dragged up

Image via YouTube

The emergence of Schatzline’s video came several days after an image of what appears to be Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, above, dressed in drag was shared on Reddit and Twitter.

Lee’s press secretary, Jade Cooper Byers, did not confirm whether it is Lee in the yearbook photo, previously telling NBC News in an email that:

Any attempt to conflate this serious issue with lighthearted school traditions is dishonest and disrespectful to Tennessee families.

Answering reporters’ questions Monday, Lee, a godly Republican, confirmed that he would sign a recently passed bill that would criminalise drag performances in public and in front of children in the state.

In a YouTube video Lee said that conflating his appearance in drag with “sexualised” drag acts was “ridiculous”.

Last year Lee signed a proclamation dedicating September 30 to be a statewide day of “prayer, humility, and fasting.”

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  1. Trump is a faux christian and anti-abortionist who has cheated on wives with porn stars and prostitutes and probally financed many abortions, he has likely subscribed for a regular supply of these pills.
    I hope that the chump will again become president and once again provide us all with the fun that is lacking in other leaders.


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