Former Branch Davidian cult member defends sex with underaged girls: ‘They were regarded as adults.’

PEOPLE have reportedly taken to social media to express their outrage over an interview with Kathy Schroeder, above, who says in a new Netflix docuseries—Waco: American Apocalypse—that “these weren’t underaged girls because you come of age at 12. All these girls were adults in our belief system.”

The Texas-based cult was led by David Koresh, inset, who was alleged to be involved in multiple incidents of physical and sexual abuse of children, including fathering children with underage girls.

He died in the 51-day Waco siege 30 years ago.

An initial raid on the cult’s property sparked a shootout that resulted in the deaths of four ATF agents and six Branch Davidians.

The siege ended in a second tragedy when FBI agents carried out a tank and tear gas assault, which culminated in a massive fire. Seventy-six Branch Davidians, including 20 children and two miscarried babies, died. Nine Branch Davidians escaped the fire.

According to Wiki, Koresh, then 33, died of a gunshot wound to the head during the course of the fire. It is unknown whether he committed suicide or if he was killed.

Chris Vogner, reviewing the documentary for Rolling Stone, described Schroeder as:

An unrepentant survivor who proves to be a one-woman fount of cringe. She believed Koresh was the son of God then, and she still does (although she testified against her fellow Davidians in court).

Netflix screenshot

She blithely defends even Koresh’s most egregious behavior. On the fact that he had sex with underage girls: ‘People think that having sex with a bunch of underage girls is a crime, and in conventional wisdom that could very well be true. However, these weren’t underage girls because you come of age at 12.

According to this report Schroeder currently lives in Tampa, Florida.

She moved to Waco with her husband Michael and her three children from her previous marriage. They were devoted to Koresh because they regarded him as “the next Messiah.”

During the FBI siege of Mount Carmel, the Branch Davidians’ compound outside of Waco TX, her husband was killed. Her kids were let out of the compound into police custody.

Schroeder left the compound after she was talked through by an FBI negotiator. She was arrested and sentenced to three years in prison but was given a reduced sentence for testifying under oath about her experience in the Branch Davidians.

30th anniversary of the siege

Released to coincide with the 30th anniversary of the siege, the three-part Netflix series is directed by acclaimed filmmaker Tiller Russell and features exclusive access to recently unearthed videotapes filmed inside the FBI Crisis Negotiation Unit, as well as raw news footage never released to the American public, and FBI recordings.

In the first part of the series Schroeder said:

Every single one of us was married to David because David was our Christ giving us the truths from God. The whole time we were having sex it was a Bible study.

Tiller Russell is quoted as saying:

David Koresh was a pedophile who was having sex with underage girls. And yet you could feel the weird love and respect these people, who were inside it [the cult].

Asked why he wanted to include Schroeder’s comments, he responded:

The fundamental approach of nonfiction is you have this incredible mountain of material, and you’re carving away everything except the story you want to tell. But that comment was so astounding to me, and it made me incredibly uncomfortable, and because it made me uncomfortable, I felt like it belonged in the story.

Fun fact: Donald Trump came to Waco on Saturday night to to tell attendees at a campaign rally that he was innocent of any wrongdoings.

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5 responses to “Former Branch Davidian cult member defends sex with underaged girls: ‘They were regarded as adults.’”

  1. “The whole time we were having sex it was a Bible study.”

    This might interest the Church of England and the Roman Catholic Church who are both losing members. Sex as a bible study could be a big attraction for potential members (no pun intended.)

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    1. It is my understanding from reading Barry’s posts that this is what attracts most, if not all, RC priests in the first place!

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      1. Point of interest: This post made was picked up by Reddit Atheism, where it attracted almost 30,000 views. The comments make for interesting reading:


  2. Vile.


  3. Why did the police only attack the Waco Whackos site and not the RC churches where the same thing was happening.

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