Calgary pastor faces fresh charges after protesting a new drag show bylaw

DEREK Reimer, who was forcibly ejected from Seton Calgary public library after screaming abuse at parents and children attending a drag queen story event earlier this month, is back behind bars.

After his first arrest, the lunatic was released after he agreed to bail conditions that prevent him having any contact with members of the LGBT+ community.

Since that March 2 arrest, Calgary enacted a measure to criminalise protests near city facilities that host drag queen events.

The City Council voted 10-5 to pass the Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw which went into immediate effect—something that Reimer strongly objected to.

He and a clot of other Christian bigots gathered to protest the new bylaw near a Calgary public library. 

The police wasted now time in dragging him off.

Rebel News screenshot

The measure stipulates that protests targeting any race, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, disability, age, place of origin, marital or family status, sexual orientation, or income source must not take place within 100 meters (328 feet) of a public library or city-operated recreation center entrances.

The measure applies during operational hours and one hour before and after operational hours. 

Additionally, the bylaw prohibits protesters from impeding anyone’s entry or exit to a recreation facility. The council also amended the term “harassment” under its existing Public Behaviour bylaw to include “intimidation.”

Convictions under the bylaw are punishable by up to CA$10,000.00 (almost £6,000) or up to one year in prison. 

Shortly after the bylaw took effect, Calgary Police arrested Reimer, 36, of Mission 7 Ministries, and charged him with one count of breaching a release order that prohibited him from being within 200 meters of events involving the LGBT+ community,

Calgary council said in statement:

The City is committed to ensuring that all Calgarians who wish to access public services and facilities are not being exposed to messaging or behaviour that is hateful, intimidates, harasses, or discriminates.

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Reimer supporter Pastor Artur Pawlowski, above, reacted to this latest arrest by saying:

Everyone who is visible, everyone in Canada who is boldly proclaiming Christianity, has become an open target.

Calgary was immune for a little bit from the drag queen perversion—because that’s what it is: it’s a sick, twisted perversion. … An adult man who dresses as a woman in a sexual manner and has the urge to do that in front of little children is a pervert, end of story.

The combined charges against Reimer include one count of causing a disturbance, one count of mischief, and six counts of harassment under the city’s bylaw regulating public behaviour.

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3 responses to “Calgary pastor faces fresh charges after protesting a new drag show bylaw”

  1. “everyone in Canada who is boldly proclaiming Christianity, has become an open target.” The problem is that the “proclaiming” has become an interference with other peoples lives.

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  2. Has he ever been to a pantomime?

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    1. Oh no, he’s hasn’t…

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