Pastor floored and arrested for aggressively protesting a drag queen story event

AFTER languishing in a Calgary jail cell for a week, pastor Derek Reimer, of Mission7 street ministry, agreed to bail conditions that prevent him having any contact with members of the LGBT+ community.

One far-right Christian site—LifeSiteNews— reported that he agreed to the conditions in order to receive medical treatment for an unspecified “health condition.”

My guess? Religious dementia.

Reimer is now facing charges for a hate-motivated crime for shouting, among other things in a room full of children, that “homosexuality is a sin”.

The wackjob found himself flat on his back after he was thrown out of the Seton Calgary public library where a “Reading with Royalty” drag event was being held.

Screenshots via far-right Rebel News

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) said in a press release that he has been charged with “one count of causing a disturbance and one count of mischief.”

They said Reimer was among several individuals who “aggressively” entered a library classroom, shouting homophobic and transphobic slurs at the children and parents in attendance, scaring the children while causing a disturbance and subsequently refusing to leave.

Additionally, City of Calgary peace officers have charged Reimer with six counts of harassment under the Public Behaviour Bylaw.

These charges carry a penalty of up to $10,000 each, or six months in jail.

Committed to fighting ‘evil’

Before his arrest last week, Reimer told LSN he will remain committed to exposing the “evil” of these events, which he described as playing into the “perversion and the indoctrination” of kids.

Perverse”—a cock in a frock telling tall tales to children. Image suggested by Angry Atheist supporter Stephen Harvie.

He said he will stand “firm” in his convictions and put his trust in God to keep exposing evil.

But his “trust in God” apparently didn’t extend to getting help for his medical condition.

Reimer said his bail conditions basically prevent him from protesting at any drag events, and that he must stay at least 500 meters away from where any drag or LGBTQ events are being held.

In June 2022, Calgary City Council, under its “left-leaning” Mayor Jyoti Gondek, amended the city’s bylaws to:

Specifically prohibit insulting or demeaning behavior, including unwanted sexual advances, or harassing anyone on the basis of age, race, sexual orientation, disability, gender, gender identity or gender expression, among others.

Reimer said Gondek is acting like the “Wicked Witch of the West” for going after those who protest drag queen kids’ story time events.

He insisted that Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms gives him the right to protest at drag queen such events.

Protests are one thing. Screaming abuse at kids and their parents is another, a difference that hateful Christians can’t seem to grasp.

Image via YouTube

Reimer has garnered the support of Calgary Christian pastor Artur Pawlowski, above, who himself was jailed for defying COVID rules.

I wrote about the imbecile for the now practically defunct Freethinker in October, 2021, shortly before I was summarily sacked without due process.

Last Friday, Pawlowski blasted Alberta Premier Danielle Smith for what he said was her silence regarding the arrest and jailing of Reimer.

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