Cardinal George Pell is dead. Jubilation expressed on social media.

Images via YouTube and Twitter

Reacting to the news that Pell had snuffed it today following a routine hip operation, Sky News host Andrew Bolt expressed his horror over the “vile celebrations” of Pell’s death, saying that the cardinal was an innocent man who was the victim of “one of the most grotesque miscarriages of justice” in Australian legal history.

The tweet in the image above came from former NSW MP Tony Windsor, and many agreed with him. His post has so far received over 5,000 likes. Here’s one response:

Hooray! NO loss. I hope it brings joy to the abuse victims that he betrayed with not a speck of compassion. Maybe get a double funeral with RATzinger.

And another:

As a man who was sexually abused by catholic clergy during childhood my thoughts on a deceased man who hid catholic clergy who sexually abused children are dark and harsh. I don’t believe in heaven or hell, so simply believe his legacy is a disgusting reflection on catholicism.

But of course there’s the been a lot of fawning over the monster too, notably from Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Image via YouTube

He said Australia had lost a great son.

His incarceration on charges that the High Court ultimately scathingly dismissed was a modern form of crucifixion; reputationally at least a kind of living death.

His prison journals should become a classic: a fine man wrestling with a cruel fate and trying to make sense of the unfairness of suffering.

Image via YouTube

Current Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, above, said:

Well, for many people, particularly of the Catholic faith, this will be a difficult day and I’ll express my condolences to all those who are mourning today.

The Archbishop of Sydney, Anthony Fisher, said worshippers were shocked. 

Please pray for the repose of the soul of Cardinal Pell, for comfort and consolation for his family and for all of those who loved him and are grieving him at this time.

In 2020 Australia’s High Court found reasonable doubt that Cardinal George Pell sexually assaulted two boys in the 1990s and has overturned his conviction. He spent 13 months in the slammer.

Hat tip: Stephen Harvie.

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10 responses to “Cardinal George Pell is dead. Jubilation expressed on social media.”

  1. The fawning is sickening – like Ratzinger, Pell was an evil man – a paedophile in sheep’s clothing. It is unfortunate that there is no Hell for him to rot in for his crimes.

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  2. When a prominent member of the RC church dies there follows fawning comments, from “the great and the good” including non RCs, which take no account of what the man has actually done. When Ratzinger dropped off the perch he was lauded, amongst others, by King Charles, the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

    What is the reason for the excessive praise and the publicity it is given in the UK where Christianity is now a minority religion? Is there a fear that the Vatican has such power, or at least influence, that they dare not cause it offence? Or is the praise just a knee jerk, automatic unthinking response where making an informed and honest comment is just too much trouble.

    There must be many, now grown up, who suffered from RC priests paedophilia
    who view the praise with disgust.

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    1. Broga, the RCC does NOT have a problem with paedophilia, and never has. Its the nasty homos in the church that have served to ruined its reputation, according to Bill Donohue of the Catholic League:

      “For 2000 years, the Catholic Church has been the subject of countless lies, especially on issues that touch on sexuality. Today, the biggest lie is that the Church suffers from a ‘pedophilia’ problem. And now that the Vatican has released its document on homosexuals in the priesthood, look for the lie to grow like a cancer.

      “The findings of the National Review Board, appointed by the bishops to gather data on the problem of priestly sexual molestation, and the John Jay Report on this subject, conclusively said that most of the victims (81 percent) were male, and most of them were postpubescent.

      The National Review Board didn’t mince words: ‘we must call attention to the homosexual behavior that characterized the vast majority of cases of abuse observed in recent decades.’”


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  3. How long before the first miracle?

    (I’m not joking!)

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    1. The first miracle was getting his conviction for child rape overturned.

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  4. The Roman Catholic Sleaze Cult itself is the MONSTER of all MONSTERS, its power structure creates, perpetuates, and protects the monsters who abuse children.
    I recommend David Ranan’s very readable and erudite book ‘Double Cross the Code of the Catholic Church’.

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  5. […] Francis’ papacy ‘catastrophe’, journalist says, have effectively stifled the sickening outpourings of praise we witnessed yesterday, and instead are now concentrating on the growing divisions between ultra-conservative and more […]


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