Praise for Pell overshadowed by revelations that he considered Pope Francis ‘a catastrophe’

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MEDIA outlets across the globe are today reporting that a secret memo castigating Pope Francis and written under the pseudonym “Demos” was in fact penned by George Pell, who died suddenly aged 81 this week.

Reports under heading such as ‘Pell wrote secret memo calling Francis’ papacy ‘catastrophe’, journalist says, have effectively stifled the sickening outpourings of praise we witnessed yesterday, and instead are now concentrating on the growing divisions between ultra-conservative and more liberal Catholics.

His sudden death at 81 also served to concentrate once more on the fact that Pell cared far more about the reputation of the RCC than than he ever did about those who lives were destroyed by rapist priests.

The Canberra Times, for example, reported that, in Ballarat, where Pell was born and raised, a mere 50 people attended a morning mass today at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

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There an abuse victim, named only as “Matt”, sat in the back row, wearing a Frenzal Rhomb band T-shirt depicting Cardinal Pell in hell.

He is quoted as saying.

I struggle to see any good in the man.

He said he believed Pell’s 2002 description of abortion as being worse than child sexual abuse summed up the type of man he was.

What Pell actually said when he was Archbishop of Syney was:

Abortion is a worse moral scandal than priests sexually abusing young people.

Pell was addressing an audience of World Youth Day delegates.

No state funeral for Pell

The Canberra Times also reported that Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, while confirming a decision not to hold a state funeral or memorial because it would be distressing for victim-survivors, said the cardinal’s legacy would be for others to judge.

Predator brothers and priests were systematically moved around, knowingly—it was part of a strategy—from one working-class parish to the next.

We should never, ever forget that. We will never ever forget victim-survivors of institutional child sexual abuse at the hands of the Catholic Church.

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet also ruled out holding a state funeral but said a memorial service would be held at some point.

A service for Pell will be held at the Vatican in coming days and a funeral mass will follow at St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney. His body will be returned to Australia and buried in St Mary’s crypt.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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6 responses to “Praise for Pell overshadowed by revelations that he considered Pope Francis ‘a catastrophe’”

  1. Perhaps he was concerned that if no babies were born he would have nothing to rape?

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  2. Pell’s comments on abortion being worse than sexually abusing young people are made by a man who, himself, has led an abnormal life. Celibate apparently, protective to paedophile priests to the extent of letting them continue to abuse, and without a healthy partnership, family life or children. All the product of the priestly life.

    That this moral degenerate could continue to exercise authority and influence is a damning indictment of the RC church.

    PS. I was pleased to see Barrie John acknowledged on Hat Tip. A welcome reappearance.

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    1. Yes, Broga, it’s good to see people such you and BarrieJohn coming back to comment after I had a year in the wilderness. In fact it prompted me to check how well the FT site is faring. Since mid-December it has managed to attract a grand total of three comments, one of them negative, saying of a flaccid piece posted by the new editor, Emma Park “This article must go down as the most pointless ever. This woman is not interesting at all.”

      The Freethinker board has, at a stroke, destroyed one of the most successful atheists sites on the planet. For this I shall NEVER forgive these clueless imbeciles.

      Within 14 days of me launching The Angry Atheist 49 comments have been posted, few of which were mine.

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      1. Barry: I was ready to support the FT site because I think the atheist voice is so important. However, the FT site just lacked any bite or opportunity for readers to make their views known. I found I was wading through long dull articles which left me wondering what was the point. I cannot understand what the FT Board thought they could achieve by this approach.

        Were they after something bland, safe and “respectable.” If so they have obviously made a massive mistake. Atheism by its very nature upsets many people. In its opinions it needs to upset people, take some risks and be prepared to be engage in lively attacks. That is what provides the excitement and has been provided over many years by the very best writers.

        The old FT, under your editorship, did this.

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    2. Delighted to see Barry and others back again. I would have commented more, but I’ve been suffering from the winter virus (and still am!).

      Just seen this though:

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      1. I send good wishes for your full recovery. I read the piece on Pell and it was so over the top that at times it was laughable.

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