Founder of Florida’s Christian Coalition Family Church faces multiple abuse charges

FOLLOWING his his arrest this week Crawford was described by Clovis Watson, Jr, head of the Alachua Sheriff’s Office as “one of the most heinous and vile human beings he has ever seen.”

On Tuesday Crawford was initially arrested after an investigation was launched into reports of sexual abuse of a child at the Christian Coalition Family Church.

A day after the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office in Gainesville announced they had arrested and charged Crawford with child abuse, investigators brought fresh charges against him: 11 counts of alleged sexual battery and one count of aggravated battery.

Investigators said that the initial investigation was centred on an alleged attack on a juvenile:

During the encounter, Crawford instructed the victim to go to their knees and take down their pants, before Crawford utilized the entire length of a belt to beat the bottom half of the victim. This act caused significant bleeding and four months later, has still left significant markings on the juvenile victim.

Image courtesy Alachua Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Watson, above, Jr. said the the acts Crawford committed not only created physical and emotional scars for the victims, “but it also created a spiritual void and an immense amount of doubt in people who believed in the church.”

Information officer for the sheriff’s department,Art Forgey, added in this WCJB report:

It’s sickening. I wouldn’t say that you could call this person a church leader when he’s doing the things that he is doing. That is nowhere to be found in the Bible or any other religion.

Forgey said that police believe more victims will come forward.

WCJB reports that Crawford’s record goes back to a criminal traffic charge in 1991. He has been charged with four felonies since then, on counts ranging from burglary to battery.

Among his domestic relations charges are two requests for restraining orders. Most of the charges over the years were dropped for various reasons.

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3 responses to “Founder of Florida’s Christian Coalition Family Church faces multiple abuse charges”

  1. “I wouldn’t say that you could call this person a church leader when he’s doing the things that he is doing. ”

    On the other hand history teaches us that you shouldn’t be surprised either. He joins an already infamous group.

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  2. Is he the best friend of the other FL criminal mind – Desantis?


  3. Another sick Christian leader. Why am I not surprised?

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