The ghost of Benedict XVI is on tour, claiming he was ousted as Pope and was the victim of ‘slow euthanasia’

SHORTLY after his death in December, 2022, Joseph Ratzinger appeared before Sister Benedicta of the Holy Cross in Colombia on February 2, 2023, and warned of “impending doom.”

During his lengthy discourse with the nun, Ratzinger, who died aged 95, revealed that his death was a case of “slow euthanasia.”

Not only did Ratzinger identify the persons involved, but claimed that, when the current Pope visited him for the last time before he croaked, Francis said “execrable” things to the dying pontiff.

We know all this because someone named Ding Cervantes, writing for SunStar, claimed that the message—received with “a “shock, if not horror”—was so long and detailed that they didn’t have the space to reproduce it full.

I will, however, pray that the Holy Spirit guide me on whether or not to share the entire message in this space someday.

He found space, however, to include Ratzinger’s claim that he had issued an encyclical regarding “the Blessed Virgin Mary” but that it was among some “burned by enemies already within the Church in the Vatican even before it could be promulgated.”

Cervantes then revealed that Ratzinger later materialised before two “mystics” in Brazil and America on March 13, and April 7, 2023, respectively.

The former was identified as Eduardo Ferreira in Sao José dos Pinhais. The later was named only as “Jennifer”, who was told:

This earth is going to begin to rock and tremble. On the day of the earthquake that will begin to ripple all across the world, many will come to see that their ways were not pleasing to Me.

Satan has infiltrated every home, every family, and every church. He and his companions have infiltrated every nation and many hearts that no longer recognize the truth. He has infiltrated the minds of My children by using fear in order to bring false comfort, false hope, and false peace.

Christianity Daily reported that Ratzinger’s appearances have sparked widespread interest and debate among religious scholars and Catholics worldwide.

Some have expressed skepticism while others have pointed to it as a sign of our ‘extraordinary’ times.

Pope Benedict XVI, who served as head of the Catholic Church from 2005 to 2013, was known for his conservative views and staunch opposition to modern secularism. His reported message about the end times will likely be a warning to those who reject traditional religious values and teachings.

Moreover, the Vatican has not yet commented on the reported apparition, and whether the church will investigate the matter further remains unclear. However, for many believers, the vision will serve as a powerful reminder of the importance of faith and the need to prepare for the coming end times.

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3 responses to “The ghost of Benedict XVI is on tour, claiming he was ousted as Pope and was the victim of ‘slow euthanasia’”

  1. malcolmjdodd Avatar

    The Rat doesn’t look a day over thirty years; with all of these post-mortem appearances, he will soon be the Saint of Paedophiles.

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  2. stephenharvie Avatar

    Sounds like some people have been huffing the formaldehyde…

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  3. Christians are always warning of “impending doom”.,and always have been. This all sounds like a rehash of the Medjugorje “Virgin Mary” hoax, when the blessed woman supposedly prophesied events too horrible for human consumption, and which were to be made known to the Pope alone. That was over 40 years ago now, but only a few days ago I was reading about yet another “New Nostradamus” who is forecasting (surprise, surprise) “World War Three” this year. These disgraceful charlatans, like all the religious, just feed on people’s anxieties and fears, which are plentiful.

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