In Spain crucifixes with doll heads spark a probe into a ‘blasphemous’ art exhibition

SPAIN’S Christian Lawyers Foundation, headed by Polonia Castellanos, above, works flat out to combat what it regards as blasphemy and the promotion of LGBT+ propaganda.

So when a the Collective of Southern Artists (CAS) recently staged an exhibition at the Tomás y Valiente Art Center in Fuenlabrada featuring crucifixes made with doll heads it sprang into action and launched a lawsuit demanding an investigation.

The Catholic News Agency (CNA) reported this week that a court in Fuenlabrada decided to allow a probe into the exhibition to determine whether the artists had criminally harmed “religious sentiments.”

The lawsuit alleged the artists committed the “crime of derision of the Christian faith.”

Among pieces featured was crucified man armed with a pistol in his left hand and holding a bank note in his right.

Another one of the pieces that infuriated the foundation showed a confessional in which a priest is “obscenely represented.”

Christian Lawyers’ Ana Antón hailed the court’s decision.

At Christian Lawyers we applaud the opening of proceedings against the CAS group that made this exhibit, committing a crime of derision.

We are fed up with the fact that where the Left governs, these types of attacks are financed with public money, which are also a crime. We are not going to allow it.

Complaint about books ‘promoting’ homosexuality

In 2021 the organisation—which got itself banned from Twitter last year according to this Spanish sitelodged a complaint (report in Spanish) against Castellón City Council, claiming that it had distributed “obscene” literature promoting “gender ideology” in the city.

Polonia Castellanos said at the time:

The content of some of these books not only includes sexually explicit content, but also resort to the constant ridicule of religions … these [are] inciting hatred against religion and its faithful.

In those books you can find affirmations such as ‘the bishop is fucked in the ass’, ‘Hunters in the Vatican’ and ‘Allah is not great and Jesus does not love us’.

Almost one-third of people in Spain are either atheists, agnostics or non-believers, and the number is growing. Silvia Luque, Director of the Ferrer i Guàrdia Foundation, believes Spain is becoming more secular because the younger generations “are less influenced by the national Catholicism of the Franco era.”

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3 responses to “In Spain crucifixes with doll heads spark a probe into a ‘blasphemous’ art exhibition”

  1. stephenharvie Avatar

    Spain’s answer to Old Leather Face!

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    1. Without a doubt. Why do all these moaners look is as they have a durian lodged in their sphincters:

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      1. Barry, as your previous post about getting atheists together to show the benefits of life without a deity, we all know that trying to get anti-theists together is like herding cats; fortunately, all of these moaners and apologists enthusiastically and increasingly do the promotion work for us.


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