Cult leader, accused of exhorting his followers to starve to death for Jesus, embarks on a hunger strike

KENYAN pastor Paul Mackenzie, above, of the Good News International Church—accused of encouraging followers to fast until they die—is himself refusing food and water.

Mackenzie surrendered himself to police after a number of shallow graves were found on land believed to be owned by the church.

According to this report, 8 more bodies were found today (Sunday) in a Shakahola village, bringing the total number of corpses so far found to 39.

On Friday five children and two women were exhumed from four graves out of 32 sites identified by police.

One woman was rescued in one of Mackenzie hideouts. Although she was at the brink of death she told police that she did not want to be rescued.

The bodies exhumed were from one grave site out of the 52 marked by the police.

At least 58 graves have been identified on the 800-acre parcel of land believed to be owned by the church.

Although his church was shut down in 2019, Mackenzie has continued to attract the masses through his preaching of the “End Times and fasting to go to heaven.

Police are holding Mackenzie for 14 days to conclude investigations over his teachings and exhorting his followers to until they die.

He is yet to be charged officially.

According to locals, Mackenzie gave his villages names from the Bible. His own home is called Galilee.

They refer to the whole 800-acre parcel of land as the ‘‘’Holy Land”.

Image via Haki Africa

Haki Africa Rapid Response Officer, Mathias Shipeta, above, who was present during the exhumation exercise, described Mackenzie’s beliefs as “demonic”.

What I witnessed today is just demonic. How do you explain bodies wrapped only in lesos [cotton cloths], shallow graves and mass graves? That is just like a massacre.

Hat tip: Stephen Harvie

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3 responses to “Cult leader, accused of exhorting his followers to starve to death for Jesus, embarks on a hunger strike”

  1. Mackenzie has continued to attract the masses who are persuaded that starving until death will get them a spot in heaven. Here we have another example of the extremely gullibility of religious followers when a bit of religious drivel is thrown over them. I wonder what some serious psychological research could reveal as to why people behave like this. Does religious belief have some extreme unbalancing effect on the brain?

    I guess that ignorance has a big part to play in this. Also they will be surrounded by people with similar views and unlikely to be “New Scientist” readers. And people, with little knowledge and not much available to them in life, could find the prospect of heaven overwhelmingly attractive. Especially when the promise comes from a convincing preacher.

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  2. P T Barnum said “there’s a sucker born every minute”, in the case of religion it is at least one per second.


  3. […] Odero, above, left, stands accused of having links to cult leader Paul Nthenge Mackenzie, who is in custody facing terrorism charges over the deaths of more than 100 people, many of them […]


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