Evangelical Christian Mike Lindell, who lied about voter fraud, is ordered to pay $5m

FORMER crackhead Lindell—who claims he was saved by Jesus from his addiction and then went on to create the My Pillow company—stupidly offered to pay $5m to anyone who could prove that his claim that the Chinese rigged voting machines was wrong.

In 2021 Lindell launched his “Prove Mike Wrong” challenge, and not long after someone called Bob Zeidman, ironically a Trump supporter, did just that.

But, according to the BBC, Zeidman, a software expert, received no response when he tried to claimed his prize.

On Wednesday, a private arbitration panel ruled that Zeidman was entitled to the money because he proved that Lindell’s evidence of fraud was pure bullshit.

The panel wrote in their ruling that none of the data Lindell provided was related to the election.

They also ruled that failure to pay the sum would amount to a breach of contract.

In an interview with the BBC’s US partner CBS, Zeidman said he spent a few hours examining the data provided by Mr Lindell before determining that it “was all bogus”.

I called my wife and said, ‘Think about what you want to do with $5m’.

Zeidman told CBS that if he ever receives the money he will donate some of it to a charity supporting voter integrity.

In their ruling, the arbitrators noted that their role was not to determine whether election interference occurred, but rather to determine whether Zeidman won the contest based on the rules and data provided to him.

Lindell has vowed that he will appeal:

I don’t owe him money. He didn’t prove anything. This has all been one big plan, a co-ordinated plan, to stop me and others from getting rid of the electronic voting machines in the country and get back to hand-counted paper ballots.

The My Pillow CEO has also been sued by voting machine company Dominion over his false claims of election interference.

Dominion was recently awarded $787.5m (£633m) after settling a defamation lawsuit with Fox News over its reporting of the 2020 election.

Petition launched against My Pillow in the UK

In January 2021, after learning that My Pillow had established a foothold in the UK, and was advertising his over-priced wares on radio station LBC, I launched a petition that read:

My Pillow is a company started in America by evangelical Christian Mike Lindell.

Lindell, 59, has been one of Trump’s most public supporters over the last four years and has often parroted conspiracy theories spread by the president and his followers.

Lindell, who is referred to as the “My Pillow guy,” has been embroiled in controversy over the past year after touting a fake coronavirus cure and working more closely with the president.

My Pillow settled a $1-million (£737,956) lawsuit brought in by several California counties in 2011, that claimed the company had been falsely advertising its product by saying it could treat symptoms of sleep apnea and cerebral palsy.

After Trump supporters were done storming the Capitol on Jan 6, Lindell took to Twitter to baselessly claim that “Antifa and the left” was behind the attack on the governmental building. Most recently he reportedly urged Trump, in the wake of his defeat and impeachment to declare “martial law.”

Steven D’Antuono, the assistant director in charge of the FBI’s Washington field office, has said there is no evidence that so-called Antifa activists were behind the violence at the Capitol.

Lindell has also pushed false claims of election fraud, leading to Twitter flagging posts as posing “a risk of violence,” and thus preventing them from being liked or shared.

This man is totally unfit to be running a business in the UK, and I would urge everyone—especially members of the LGBT community—to boycott his products and write to broadcasters such as LBC to refuse his ads.

A mere 43 people signed the petition but it had the desired effect: My Pillow ads stopped being broadcast on LBC.

Hat tip: BarrieJohn

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2 responses to “Evangelical Christian Mike Lindell, who lied about voter fraud, is ordered to pay $5m”

  1. Well done, how about taking on the role of Ralph Nader, a sorely missed consumer champion.


  2. “This has all been one big plan, a co-ordinated plan…”

    Oh, dear; I think I’ve heard that somewhere before. He did make the challenge himself, didn’t he, or has he forgotten?

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