Christ ‘kicked out’ of an Irish chapel when ‘pro-abortion’ Joe Biden visited Knock

WHEN US President Joe Biden visited Knock in Ireland—a location where the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph and Saint John the Evangelist allegedly made an appearance on 21 August 1879—members of the public were prevented from being present at the event.

That’s because the Apparition Chapel and neighbouring basilica had been closed to the public, no doubt for security reasons.

But at least one priest, who chose not to be identified, believes that Biden should never have been allowed to visit the site at all!

He told far-right Christian LifeSiteNews:

Welcoming a President whose policies are at odds with Catholic teaching to a Catholic Cathedral, at the end of a week where the parishioners are forbidden to access their church while a stage is erected for a speech to be delivered, is yet a further blow to the credibility of the leadership of these shepherds.

It shows how complicit the clergy are in [the] moral and doctrinal confusion which abounds today.

And “Catholic Arena” took to Twitter to post their fury in a flurry of tweets. One said:

He’s pro-abortion and the 8,500 babies that was murdered last year, will that be part of the ceremony? He’s really pushing this. He’s a public sinner.

Another tweet said:

Irish Catholics have been told to take a hike to make way for Biden, as Mass and Confessions have been CANCELLED at the country’s holiest shrine in order to entertain the US politician.

A third declared:

Ireland’s holiest site, Knock Shrine, will honour pro abortion Iraq War supporter Joe Biden this week. In a statement, those in charge of the Shrine favourably compared the visit to that of Pope John Paul II.

LSN sought to suggest that the visit to Knock was an electioneering stunt.

Local ordinary Bishop John Fleming did not respond to questions from LifeSiteNews earlier this week about whether he would call on President Biden to repent for his public support of abortion and homosexual ‘marriage’ or whether allowing the president to use St. Muredach’s Cathedral as a backdrop for his speech risked Christ’s Church becoming a PR tool in his bid for re-election.

And in a YouTube video a Catholic commentator went as far as to claim that Christ had been “kicked out” of the Adoration chapel for the week and also said the event was all about Biden’s re-election.

LNS reported that, after Biden’s left the shrine, a group of Irish Catholics prayed a “Rosary of reparation” in the hope of “converting” the President.

The group then spread “blessed salt” throughout the shrine. This presumably was to cleanse it of any demonic vibes Biden may have left in his wake.

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3 responses to “Christ ‘kicked out’ of an Irish chapel when ‘pro-abortion’ Joe Biden visited Knock”

  1. I suppose, even in 2023, they actually believe the nonsensical religious myths surrounding the Adoration Chapel. Biden himself as an RC must have some weird beliefs unless they are stated for political gain.

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  2. The walking-dead Joe said that he is “proud” to be a devout member of the Roman Catholic Sleaze Corporation; it doesn’t say much for his judgement that, after reviewing 2,000 religions, he chose the second most evil one which then allowed his wife and child to be killed in a traffic accident and his son to die of brain cancer!


  3. It is disconcerting that even the proponents of the one true religion* do not think that the most heavily-protected person in the world would be safe in the holiest of places dedicated to their omnipotent deity.
    *Aren’t they all?

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