Christian homeschooling couple could receive state funding to promote Nazism

THE shit-for-brains Ohio couple—Katja and Logan Lawrence—were exposed earlier this year as the masterminds behind the Dissident Homeschool social network, awash with Hitler quotes, antisemitic themes, and white supremacist ideologies.

Vice reported in February that Katja Lawrence told a neo-Nazi podcast:

I want my kids to grow up to be straight, married, and Christian.

Content shared in the programme was deeply racist. It including a lesson plan to mark the birthday of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr that described the assassinated civil rights leader as:

A deceitful, dishonest, riot-inciting negro.

Katja and Logan Lawrence. Image via Vice

In a follow-up report Vice shockingly revealed that the neo-Nazi couple from Upper Sandusky, Ohio could receive:

A huge taxpayer-funded windfall of up to $22,000 per year if Republican-backed legislation known as the ‘Backpack Bill’ is passed by state lawmakers.

Pushing hard for the bill to be passed is the Ohio Christian Education Network, which says on its website that HB 11:

Ensures that all Ohio students are eligible for a taxpayer-funded scholarship that goes wherever they go, if they opt into the program.

The bill would provide state funding of $1.1-billion a year for homeschooled children as well as children attending non-chartered private schools that don’t have to follow state education guidelines.

The revelations about the Nazi homeschooling group led to a review by the Ohio Department of Education.

However, the state found that the Lawrences were doing nothing illegal, and indicated there was nothing the department could do about it.

In an interview with the Nazi-promoting Justice Report, Logan Lawrence said the reason he and his wife decided to homeschool their children was because:

The system is very anti-White and we just wanted a positive image for our kids.

CNN reported in February that the Lawrence group had more than 3,000 subscribers and shared content and lesson plans through a social media messaging platform.

One post from December reads:

We have fought hard for our right to homeschool the children. Without homeschooling the children, our children are left defenseless to the schools and the Gay Afro Zionist scum that run them.

Undeterred by a wave of negative publicity the Lawrences told the Justice Report they their resolve to raise their children in a pro-Nazi environment was stronger than ever.

Said Katja Lawrence:

I am deeply committed to giving my kids a positive, pro-White education.

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4 responses to “Christian homeschooling couple could receive state funding to promote Nazism”

  1. The whole world seems to be mad.


    1. I feel the same myself. There seems to be such a departure from decent values, accountability and truth – and reality. Much of it engendered by crooked politicians. How can people in their millions still support people like Trump to become President again or the serial liar Johnson to be PM.

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  2. I feel sorry for their kids. Where the words “Christian” precedes a comment you cannot be surprised that what follows is ignorant, bigoted and cruel. This grisly pair look smug in their self satisfaction. With millions like those, all with a vote, and the name “democracy” attached to their antics it is easy to see why the human species is doomed. We don’t have enough with the intelligence to save ourselves.

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    1. Child abuse.


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