Heavy metal guitarist Mark Moreton accuses Christian store of ‘bootleggin’ my shit’

HOP acoss to Ciaocustom.com and and there you will find an enormous array of tacky Jesus-centred objects ranging from hats to handbags … all designed by Vietnamese, who, ironically, mostly lean to Buddhism.

The site says:

We are a group of enthusiastic, artistic people who love using art to spread the message of God.

Through Christ-centered clothing, accessories, home decor, and gifts, it is our mission to help people all over the world understand and share God’s love.

And the Singapore-based company adds that its design team is located in Vietnam.

What you will no longer find in the store, though, are mugs featuring the words “Lamb of God” imposed over artwork from a heavy metal album cover entitled Ashes of the Wake, first released in 2004. The original link to product now gives a cannot be found message.

The mugs were on sale until they came to the attention of Lamb Of God guitarist Mark Morton who posted the following on Twitter:

The post by Moreton, who started out in a band called Burn the Priest, led to the immediate withdrawal of the item.

But before its withdrawal two visitors to the site had already pointed in the reviews section that the product infringed copyright.

One sarcastically wrote:

Awesome mug … for copyright infringement. God has reserved a special place for liars, cheats, and those who profit from the work of others.

While another said:

Love the heavy metal mug. Great mug showing the Ashes of the Wake album cover of the secular heavy metal band, Lamb of God. Awesome! My favorite band🤘🏻. 

Liz Scarlett, writing for Metal Hammer said:

We’re not entirely sure how such a company could confuse the hellish artwork for a saintly representation of The Messiah …

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