Christians bellyache over a planned statue of an Amazonian love god

DISABLED UK artist Jason Wilsher-Mills is the creator of some stunning larger-than-life artworks, such as the one above.

But a piece representing an Amazonian love god, chosen for a £1-m art trail in the cathedral city of Wakefield in West Yorkshire, has left some purse-lipped Christian imbeciles distraught because, according to The Guardian, it “mocks Christianity.”

Wakefield council’s planning website received more than 60 objections to the statue, with some claiming that the figure would be “an offence to Christian worshippers, and what we believe”, “disrespectful to the Christian faith” and a “mockery of Christianity as a whole”.

The work, titled “Amazonian Caiman God”, is inspired by the artist’s childhood in Wakefield, and he said the central message was “love and hope”.

Image via YouTube

Wilsher-Mills, above, who has used a wheelchair since the age of 11, said the piece:

Would serve as a metaphor for caring for the Earth.

He added that his work;

Celebrates disability, my northern working-class heritage and popular culture, through cutting-edge technologies and brightly coloured, large scale humorous, but challenging art.

Access to culture

When it was announced last year that the city council had decided to include the artist’s piece in the art trail, councillor Michael Graham said the project would give people in Wakefield:

A real sense of pride in our fascinating history and heritage and connect key points of the city together while ensuring that everyone is able to access culture and enjoy it.

In February The Yorkshire Post reported on rumblings of discontent among some feverish God-botherers.

One objector bitched:

I strongly object to this piece of sculpture being placed in the cathedral precinct and in particular to its sitting so close to the cathedral itself.

How can you possibly think that the erection of a Sun God opposite the central place of Christian worship in the city and district, could be acceptable?

It is at best insensitive and at worst a deliberate attempt to mock Christianity, the cathedral and all it stands for. Is this a precedent?

Should we expect the council to place such offensive statues outside other local centres of worship, Christian and otherwise?

Another resident opposed to the plan whinged:

Having a statue like this outside Wakefield Cathedral would completely mock the Christian faith in every way. Very wrong in my opinion and needs to be put elsewhere, if anywhere.

Charles Waterton by Charles Willson Peale, 1824, National Portrait Gallery, London. Image via Wiki CC

The sculpture, according to the Post, was inspired by 19th century conservationist and naturalist Charles Waterton, above, who opened what is recognised as the world’s first nature reserve in the grounds of his estate near Wakefield.

A third objector griped:

If the sculpture is to link to Waterton, then it must be recognised that he was a devout Christian himself, and wouldn’t have advocated for something like this.

I urge the planning authority to carefully consider the probable widespread and negative religious connotation in approving this application.

I ask that a more appropriate site be found to prevent unnecessary distress to the communities who worship at the cathedral.

The project is being fully funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport and he sculptures are expected to be in place by this summer.

This report follows my post yesterday about a US school principal forced to resign after showing pupils an image of Michelangelo’s David.

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7 responses to “Christians bellyache over a planned statue of an Amazonian love god”

  1. Full-length picture at
    Not to my taste but I think I can see something.
    Anyway: to the point: have these Christians no sense of:
    (a) history. Lots of Christian churches have been built on or repurposed from previous non-Christian or wrong-Christian places of worship. This seems to be acceptable behaviour.
    (b) tradition. Just keep on practising (a). If adherents of other religions try to take over your churches, protest.
    (c) irony. This is what happens when others follow your example. If it is not to your taste then consider how it feels to them.
    (d) shame. No, obviously not.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. arse-lipped Christian imbeciles, surely?

    Liked by 2 people

  3. In what way, exactly, is it making “a mockery of Christianity”? (I can almost hear Frankie Howerd!)

    Waterton’s cat certainly seems nonplussed (or non-pussed, perhaps).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, barriejohn, how are you? It’s your old mate Bob Hutton, remember me. You need to repent of your apostasy and get saved.


  4. If I wanted to mock christianity, I would put the ‘angel of the north’ and a man nailed to a stick outside of the cathedral – perhaps the latter is already there, what a scary and disturbing image it is for children, whilst the Amazonian love god leaves me cold, it is a far less frightening sight for youngsters.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I see this from a slightly different angle, I’m familiar with another UK cathedral. I suggest the CofE continues to be desperate to show heathen Britain that they are cool, trendy and bold, they’re prepared to be called ‘offensive’ for it. And anyway, isn’t their god supposed to be able to withstand atheist onslaughts like one non-traditional statue? The cathedral I know had a big xmas display along its cloisters with a 1980s theme – and large dangling rubic cubes amongst the tinsel. How cool is that? (s/) And it sells Harry Potter-themed gifts in its shop as parts were filmed there…..gotta cash in, gotta keep the ££££ flowing in, apart from the upkeep of the ancient building….those frilly frocks et al that the clergy wear cost an arm and a leg!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Are you old enough to remember the furore over the “new” Coventry Cathedral?
      Christians that I knew were nearly shitting themselves!

      I rather like Epstein’s St Michael myself:'s_Victory_over_the_Devil

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