‘Show Me The Toes’ website created to demand proof of pastor’s miracle claim

AFTER Missouri pastor John Lindell, above, claimed that prayer restored three toes lost by a woman—Krissy Thompson, inset—a website was set set to challenge the claim.

Show Me The Toes referred to a Facebook account of the “creative miracle” that took place during a “Week of Power” at Lindell’s James River Church staged between March 12 and 16.

It said:

If you have photographic/video evidence this occurred, provide it and we will share it on this page. So far James River and Krissy have provided zero proof.

Reporting on the website, The Kansas City Star said Lindell was joined by guest speaker Bill Johnson, the senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California at the prayer jamboree.

Image by Bruno /Germany from Pixabay

Possibly because people were taking the claim with a pillar of salt and poking fun at it, video from the conference was removed from the church’s Facebook page.

However it remains on social media and on Show MeThe Toes.

Lindell said Thompson was shot three times in 2015 by her husband and had to have three toes amputated. The pastor claims Johnson asked in a prayer group if anyone needed a “creative miracle,” and Thompson responded.

In her video account account of the restoration of her toes after “an accident” Thompson said she volunteered for a “creative miracle.”

All the women got down and prayed over my foot. I saw three toes that were forming, and I can now stand on my tippy toes.

News articles corroborate Lindell’s account of Thompson being shot. Thompson’s estranged husband, Stephen Thompson, was found guilty of domestic assault following the 2015 incident.

The pastor, without proof, claimed Thompson’s toes began regrowing within 30 minutes and were longer than her pinky toe. He added that her toenails began to grow within an hour.

As Lindell shared news of the “creative miracle”, the congregation gave a roaring applause and standing ovation.

Image via YouTube

Pastor Johnson, above, said an unnamed doctor verified the toe regrowth, but he also did not provide proof.

Lindell later said some members of the church could raise people from the dead.

I’m not saying everybody will be raised from the dead, I’m just saying some people from this room, you’re going to raise people from the dead. It’s just gonna happen.

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4 responses to “‘Show Me The Toes’ website created to demand proof of pastor’s miracle claim”

  1. “Lindell later said some members of the church could raise people from the dead.” I bet he smokes crystal meth…

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    1. What would YOUR response be if you were quite happily sitting in Heaven with Lord Jesus, saying Hello to all your old friends, and one of these stupid bozos brought you back HERE again?

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      1. You underestimate Lindell, he likely talks to the dead person and finds out which of the friends should be brought back at the same time.

        Liked by 2 people

  2. They are driven so crazy with religious nonsense that they even claim a miracle that could easily be proven but is not because it cannot be. Quoting an unnamed doctor does not constitute evidence.

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