‘Persecuted’ NY Christian loses $10 million lawsuit

Raymond Zdunski, above, was sacked after refusing to attend a mandatory workplace LGBTQ training course.

AFTER losing his lawsuit last year against Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus Board of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES), Zdunski suffered another blow when an appeals court judge in Manhattan tossed his case.

Zdunski sought reinstatement, back pay and $10 million in damages, but District Judge Geoffrey W Crawford dismissed the case a year ago.

Zdunski argued that the LGBT+ awareness training programme held by in 2018 BOCES was:

Aimed at changing his religious beliefs about gender and sexuality.

Both judges disagreed with Zdunski’s claims of “unlawful religious discrimination” and sided with BOCES.

The pissed-off bigot responded to the ruling by saying:

It just seems like the country is against the Christian way of life …. We’re not allowed to practice our way of life but anyone else can, it seems.

His former employer insisted that Zdunski was fired after repeatedly refusing to complete the mandatory training programme that was designed to facilitate a safe environment for students and staff.

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David O’Rourke, above, district superintendent and CEO of BOCES said.

We agree with the decisions of both the United States District Court and the Court of Appeals, and remain committed to fostering a safe and supportive environment for all students and staff.

After refusing to take part in the training session, Zdunski asked his bosses to schedule a mandatory training session concerning the persecution of Christians.

Anti-discrimination training is mandated by NY state law

In last year’s court ruling against Zdunski, judge Crawford noted that state law requires BOCES to provide annual anti-discrimination trainings for all employees to maintain an environment free of discrimination and harassment.

If BOCES allowed Zdunski to skip the training, it would have violated the requirements in the Dignity for All Students Act for anti-discrimination training that all BOCES employees must complete as a condition of their employment, Crawford said

Zdunski’s lawyer, Kristina S. Heuser, said his rights were violated:

For no other reason than his refusal to be indoctrinated with anti-biblical teaching. Though the lower courts did not find in his favor, we are not deterred and will seek redress from the US Supreme Court.

Before the case first came to court Zdunski, deacon at Fluvanna Community Church in Jamestown (motto: “Help us to spread Christs [sic] love) said:

I feel this training goes against the teachings of the Bible. To accept these teachings is to accept sin. God taught us not to accept sin.

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3 responses to “‘Persecuted’ NY Christian loses $10 million lawsuit”

  1. There must be a lot of lead in the water supply in the States…

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  2. If Zdunski was not a bible believing Christian I would think he was crazy, or at least seriously unbalanced. Perhaps he is crazy but Christians with weird beliefs seem not to be regarded as bonkers.

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  3. “Oh dear, how sad, never mind” again.

    There are Christians who are able to advise and help in legal cases of this sort, and I hear that they have a quite amazing success rate. Why did he not consult them (or just pray about it!).


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