Republican lawmakers accuse UK government of ‘harassing’ anti-abortion Christians

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LAST year anti-abortion fanatic, Texas Congressman Chip Roy, above—along with almost 40 Republicans, issued an open letter accusing the Biden administration of waging “open war on Pro-Life activists”.

Roy and his barmy cohorts, according to this report, claimed that the US government has been using former President Bill Clinton’s Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances (FACE) Act as its justification for carrying out “cavalier arrests of peaceful citizens.”

The Act prohibits interference, destruction, or damage to abortion facilities, pregnancy centres, and churches.

What happens in Texas doesn’t stay in Texas

The right-wing loon, representing a state in which abortion is banned, now has now has the UK government in his sights.

Roy’s official website reveals this week that he and seven other members of Congress have written a letter accusing the UK of infringing “religious liberty and freedom of speech.”

What justification does this moron offer for sticking his nose into the affairs of another country?

This is what his website says:

It has long been a goal of the United States to serve as a beacon of liberty and stand up for religious freedom throughout the world.

It adds that:

Multiple local U.K. municipalities have passed discriminatory Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs); these have empowered the government to target Christians and other people of faith for simply expressing their pro-life or religious views.

Reportedly, Parliament is now considering legislation to implement these zones across the U.K.

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The letter is addressed the US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom, Rashad Hussain, above, and says:

PSPOs specifically target the activities of religious believers. For example, the city of Bournemouth has in force a PSPO that prohibits crossing oneself, reciting scripture, genuflecting, sprinkling holy water on the ground, and crossing oneself in the censorship zone.

Enforcement of these laws creates a deeply concerning pattern of legal and state-sanctioned harassment of Christians and other pro-life Brits for not only voicing support for the sanctity of life and for offering resources for women considering abortion, but also for exercising their fundamental right to free speech, religious freedom, and freedom of thought.

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For the record Roy is not a Trumpite. He would love to see someone even more dangerous and deranged in the White House in 2024—Florida’s infamous homophobe Ron “Don’t Say Gay” DeSantis, above.

On Wednesday Roy endorsed DeSantis, above, to be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee, calling the Florida Governor “a man of conviction” and saying he “unequivocally has made Florida stronger and freer.”

“Stronger and freer” my arse.

Recently, in reporting on Florida’s Stop WOKE Act, the Human Right’s Campaign revealed that more than 100 companies vocalised opposition for the wave of anti-LGBTQ bills advancing through the Florida state legislature.

The organisation said that 302 leading US companies—including Marriott, Hilton, American Airlines, and AirBnb—reported that they have difficulty with recruitment, retention, and tourism in states that debate or pass legislation that excludes LGBT+ people from full participation in daily life.

These policy fights negatively impact businesses operationally and financially, and needlessly put the safety and well-being of their team members and their families at risk.

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Three key figures in Texas’ Chaplains Bill stand out as far-right Christian extremists

A CO-AUTHOR of the Bill—passed this week to allow public schools to replace professional counselors with unlicensed chaplains—is Senator Mayes Middleton. In a recent statement, Middleton—widely described as a Christian nationalist—declared: Our founders certainly never intended separation of God from government or schools, despite the lefts’ attempts to mislead people on this fact. The statement…

9 responses to “Republican lawmakers accuse UK government of ‘harassing’ anti-abortion Christians”

  1. I am disappointed that he didn’t mention the religion-free zone that I have set up around my home.

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  2. Those poor persecuted forced-birthers.

    If men could get pregnant then abortion would be available on every street corner.

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  3. When evangelical religious belief is in someone then goodbye to rational thought, decent behaviour and kindness. Sometimes an abortion is sought by a woman and her partner because their doctor has discovered that the baby will be born terrible deformed or even dead. This makes no difference to the interfering anti-abortionists.

    Regarding devout Christians I recently watched a programme about Rudyard Kipling. He was born in India and his parents sent him aged 5 to live in England. This was not uncommon then. Kipling was cruelly treated from age 5 to age 11 staying with foster parents. He lived in terror of his vicious foster mother. When she was described as an evangelical Christian I was not surprised. Kipling’s parents removed him when they discovered how he was being treated.
    He died in 1936.

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    1. but his cakes live on after him…

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      1. Yes, some solace in that. And, of course, his stories live on. He was the youngest person to win the Nobel Prize for literature. So he wasn’t spending all his time making cakes.

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    2. My late father was a great fan of Kipling, and I’ve never thought the latter quite as gung-ho as he is often made out to be. Maybe a lot of people jump to conclusions rather than actually reading authors’ works. Certainly, his son’s death in the Great War (after he had “pulled strings” to enable him to enlist) had a profound effect on him.

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      1. I like Kipling’s stories and I very much like is style of writing. I think there is a problem today in that there are attempts to “update” stories written in a different era to fit in today. I see the latest author subjected to this is Enid Blyton. I wonder if an attempt will be make to update Shakespeare. ” And in perhaps 20 years will they all have to be updated again.

        Kipling had a tragic life. His six year old daughter died and he was stricken also by the death of his son.

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  4. I think I would die if there were areas were I was unable to “cross myself”!

    Not only Texas:

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    1. I had been crossing myself in private, it has never helped, then I realised that god watches TV and CCTV, now I will cross myself whenever I spot a camera (shopping may be a problem but, on the plus side, it will slow me down at speed cameras).

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