‘Holy’ oil, specially prepared in Jerusalem, will be used in King Charles’ hugely expensive coronation

A splash of this and a dollop of that. Images of King Charles III and the Patriarchate of Jerusalem via YouTube.

THE “slimmed down” coronation of King Charles III in May, costing more than £120,000 million, will feature a concoction of sesame, rose, jasmine, cinnamon, neroli, benzoin, and orange blossom—and a massive dose of superstitious clap-trap.

With all that’s going on the world—from current developments in Ukraine to a resurgence of Boris Johnson’s partygate scandal—I listened in disbelief today to a lengthy LBC News report about the “importance” of the “sacred” oil, consecrated this week by His Beatitude Theophilos III, the Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, and Anglican Archbishop Hosam Naoum.

The report was excerpted from the Royal Family Channel on YouTube.

Other outlets also latched onto this Harry Potter-styled ritual, including the BBC and The Jerusalem Post which informs readers that the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby—who will conduct the service—said it had been his wish for the oil to be produced from the Mount of Olives since coronation planning began, and it reflected Charles’ personal family connection.

This demonstrates the deep historic link between the coronation, the Bible and the Holy Land. From ancient kings through to the present day, monarchs have been anointed with oil from this sacred place.

The oil is based on a recipe used for the coronation of the late Queen Elizabeth 70 years ago and a formula used for hundreds of years, the palace said.

However, according to the BBC, this time round nothing obtained from animals will be included in the Chrism oil, as this might annoy some.

Previous versions have included civet oil, from the glands of the small mammals, and ambergris from the intestines of whales. And probably eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat and tongue of dog.

Traditionally, the oil is poured from an amplulla onto the Coronation Spoon and then the sovereign is anointed on their hands, breast and head.

Media outlets know, of course, that millions are besotted by the British monarchy—even digging into Charles’ eating habits—and these latest reports will sadly be regarded by fools as Important News rather than just more silly fluff about an over-privileged feather-brained twit.

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10 responses to “‘Holy’ oil, specially prepared in Jerusalem, will be used in King Charles’ hugely expensive coronation”

  1. Delighted to discover you’re blogging again, Barry. Back in the late 1940s, I was baptised as a baby in the CofE. Something very unusual happened that my rather superstitious mother dined out on for years. Another baby was being baptised at the same ceremony in our remote part of rural England. His grandfather was a vicar in Jerusalem, so he’d brought a bottle of water from the River Jordan for the two baptisms, such a very rare and exotic thing to do in those far off days. I fear I was a complete disappointment to my mother, she was sure I was Destined For Great Things from that splash of holy water…..not happened yet, nor ever likely to I think!

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    1. Glad to be back, Matilda. I was disposed of by the clueless idiots who decided to rebrand The Freethinker, with disastrous consequences. Under my editorship the Freethinker was attracting around 5,000 visitors a day. It now gets about 5,000 hits a MONTH. (https://www.similarweb.com/website/freethinker.co.uk/#overview).

      Whole sorry saga here: https://the-angry-atheist.com/2023/01/03/good-times-and-bum-times-ive-seen-em-all-and-my-dear-im-still-here/

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      1. Barry: you ask whether readers think you should continue with The Angry Atheist. My reaction is a very definite yes. I missed the old Freethinker and the highest compliment I can give is to say that the Angry Atheist feels very much like the Freethinker of the old days: pithy, factual and well written polemic.

        I hope more and more atheists, or even those with open minds, find their way to the The Angry Atheist. I’m delighted to see some of the old Freethinker contributors have returned.

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  2. Charles’ coronation is just one major example of why the UK has become a disaster. A gullible public is besotted with this class ridden claptrap. The freeloaders will, of course, be there in hordes while the ordinary fools who are paying for this are left to gawp and admire.

    Meanwhile we have a disastrous Tory government stuffed with privately educated wasters who are hanging on to suck us dry till the election. We have the continuing destruction of our wildlife, zero interest in global warming and a serial liar who wants to be re elected as Prime Minister.

    All allowing a royal family to continue, a BBC that panders endlessly to religion and a country that has no modern ideas to tackle its problems.

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    1. stephenharvie Avatar

      Agree 100%

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    2. I would like to see a new political party that is appropriate for the UK, its tenets would be – Freedom Unbelieving Classless Kingless Equality Discipline.

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      1. I would be a member. The Lineker fracas exemplifies the rot that is destroying a decent society. Lineker, who has taken refugees into his own home, speaks out about the cruel attitude of the government towards the helpless. Meanwhile, the BBC top man whines about “impartiality” being his main concern. This while a BBC chairman who gave £400,000 to the Tories and facilitated a loan to Boris Johnson of £800,000 is appointed at around the same time as his appointment. This shifty git is still in his post while Lineker has been suspended.

        What is increasingly puzzling is why public rage has not insisted we have an election. And the BBC must have a clear out at the top. Who decided that the final episode of the current BBC Richard Attenborough series will not be broadcast with the earlier five episodes. Why? The final episode focuses on the destruction and lack of wildlife in the UK. We have one of the worst records in the world. To broadcast the final episode would upset right wing Tory MPs and their mates whose favourite pastime is slaughtering wildlife.

        Sorry – bit off topic.

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  3. stephenharvie Avatar

    Holy oil – holy shit!

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  4. I agree with all of the comments, so far.
    The Pastafarian did wear traditional headgear when applying for a chaplaincy in the Irish military (I didn’t realize that they had one, relying as they did on the British military in WW2), he must have been denied because it wasn’t ridiculous enough.
    The holy crude oil story has elements of the above, the more ridiculous the concoction, the associated beliefs and the application (homeopathetic remedies come to mind), the more impressive it will be to the credulous.

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