God is hate. Elderly woman threatened with hell for painting steps of a church in rainbow colours.

PITT Street Uniting Church in Syney, Australia, has been at the forefront of the fight for LGBT+ equality since the 1980s.

So it certainly would have had no quarrel with a woman—part of a small group—who decided to paint its stairs in rainbow colours to coincide with World Pride currently being held in the city.

In fact, the church approved it.

But one Christian zealot did have a big problem with the paint job, and launched a vicious tirade against her.

According to this report, which features a video of the hateful confrontation posted to social media by Charlie Bakhos, above, who runs the Facebook page Christian Lives Matter, the woman can be seen explaining that “God is love” as the man blathers on about hell and damnation.

Twitter screenshots

As the confrontation becomes fiery, the woman stops painting and is forced to defend her faith amid a barrage of questions.

She’s told by the fanatic:

A Christian is a Christ-follower. You’re not really following Christ. Without Christ, you’re going to a devil’s Hell, did you know that? You’re being deceived man, and I don’t want to be deceived. I’m worried for your soul.

In a later video also shared by Bakhos, men in hooded jumpers can be seen returning to the church after nightfall, throwing buckets of paint to destroy the rainbow stairs.

“Fuck the LGBT,” one of the men says.

Image via Facebook

Bakhos, above, a Catholic, approves of the vandalism of street art. In a 2018 petition, Pauline Pantsdown, a Sydney Gay Rights campaigner, said:

Christian Lives Matter is a violent, racist, homophobic vigilante FB [Facebook] group, operating a page that is littered with threats to attack and murder LGBTI people.

Josephine McDonnell Inkpin, the church’s priest, said they would repaint the steps.

We will repaint! all part of our faith community’s decades of experience standing up for justice. A few hours later the rainbow steps were restored.

Social media users commended the woman for her “grace” through the tense exchange.

“Props to the lady for showing kindness and grace when faced with a confrontation like this, she did amazing!” one user wrote.

Another said:

Such vile and destructive hatred.

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4 responses to “God is hate. Elderly woman threatened with hell for painting steps of a church in rainbow colours.”

  1. Amazing: the world is being torn apart with wars; rivers poisoned with sewage, air made toxic, species becoming extinct, global warming unchecked and Christians are devoting their energies to the issue of the painting of church steps.

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  2. The abrahamic cults are so full of hate that their followers would explode if they don’t regularly release their build-up of rancour.
    My wife died 18 years ago when our daughters were age 8 and 10, their aunt (an ex-atheist born-again-again-again christian) told them that their mother was in hell because she had not accepted the mexican guy who had been nailed to a stick!

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    1. Your experience is shocking. I find it impossible to understand how that comment could be made to young children. I say this with feeling as I have grandchildren around that age. Even if your mother believed what she said she should have spared the children and not made the comment. But that is the way religion twists the brain and destroys sympathy and finer feelings and opts for inflicting hate and horror. So much for the endless whining about God being love.

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  3. The woman had despised religion until she got sucked into a pay-a-lot-as-you-go pentecostalist con cult. The suckers were instructed to get a convert-a-month else gog’s wrath would descend upon them!


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