Row erupts over a pig’s ‘penis’ at a Michigan school

Back in 2010 all hell broke loose at an Oklahoma Catholic Church—St. Charles Borromeo—over a crucifix that many claimed was obscene. Now something similar has occurred in Michigan where a schoolgirl, aged 11, was traumatised after being accused by an art teacher of drawing a pig with boy parts’.

JUST when I a thought I’d stumbled upon the week’s most absurd story—the setting up of a “speak to the dead” telephone booth in a Nashville—up popped a report about a school’s over-reaction to drawing of a pig wearing a bow tie.

The incident occurred at Hanover-Horton Elementary School. It gained nationwide attention after the girl’s mum—Sierra Carter—posted a video to TikTok, explaining that she received a phone call from an art teacher who was concerned that Piggie’s bow tie was actually a depiction of male genitalia. 

The complaint originated with a dirty-minded little sod who, upon seeing the picture, reported it to the teacher.

Said Carter:

A little boy had come up to her and made her aware that he thought my daughter drew boy parts on her pig project.

Matters then escalated. Even though her daughter made it clear that she had drawn a bow tie, according to Today. The teacher insisted on involving the school vice principal and the “inappropriate” artwork was then “confiscated.”

Later, the Hanover-Horton Elementary School principal joined the discussion. Said Carter:

He argued with me over what a bow tie looks like. Finally, he’s like, ‘I’ll let it slide this time —but I’m gonna put this in her file.’

John Denney, superintendent at Hanover-Horton Schools, denied that anything had been put in the girl’s file.

It is unfortunate that a one-sided narrative has been created on social media that paints our staff in a negative light. In this case, a student appropriately brought concerns to the attention of our staff.

In response, our staff handled the situation with compassion and discretion. Staff contacted the student’s parents to discuss the situation. No student was singled out or ostracized. Every effort was made to protect the privacy and dignity of all students.

Carter has since pulled her daughter from the school. 

She was so embarrassed and felt so singled out. No kid should feel like that. She should feel safe.

Carter says her daughter has not received an apology from the school. But she has been inundated with support on TikTok.

A conniption like this would never happen in Spain

A few week back I spotted a gaggle of pre-teens having a giggle outside a pastry shop in a crowded street in the popular Spanish resort of Benidorm.

I moved in to see what was causing all the mirth, and saw this display.

Photo credit: Barry Duke

Adults who were with the kids—including their grandparents—were equally amused, and a queue then formed to to buy the waffles.

In most other countries, I imagine, outrage would have manifested itself in complaints to the store, and demands for it to be shout down. The police may even pressured to intervene.

But long gone are the days when Catholic-based prurience hung like a sword over the country.

Spain’s citizens (refreshingly) have little to no interest in upholding any kind of biblical law themselves. They’re even less interested in what anyone else should be doing. There are no zealots here, and people understand that you are what you are—and that is perfectly fine.


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7 responses to “Row erupts over a pig’s ‘penis’ at a Michigan school”

  1. John 11:35


  2. Well Barry, you have excelled yourself by finding the pig’s penis story. Just when I thought religious nutters could not become any more silly the pig’s penis arrives. I especially liked the earnest debate involving the school principal who, says the mother, “argued with me over what a bow tie looks like.”

    How do these characters get to be in charge of schools? Their attitude encourages snivelling little sneaks to report being offended by nonsense like this.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. I blame the ignorant parents – how naive to believe that their daughter would get a broad education at a misogynist RCSC school.


  4. I didn’t read it properly, it was not a RCSC school, it just behaved like one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Without wishing to appear immodest, I believe Scotland claims that honour…

      Liked by 2 people

      1. So many triumphs. Scotland defeats England, the auld enemy, and then Wales in the six Nations Rugby and now claims the world’s largest penis. Are there no limits to what it can achieve?

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