Catholic Church snooper found a photo of a teacher kissing her girlfriend. She’s now out of a job

All Souls Catholic School in Englewood, Colorado, found Maggie Barton, inset above, ‘unfit’ to teach kids for leading a lifestyle contrary Catholic teaching.

THE photo that got Barton, 32, sacked was kept secret and never posted on social media for fear of repercussions.

But she underestimated the lengths the RCC will go to to stick their noses into the private lives of those charged with educating kids.

Except, of course, when it comes to paedophiles.

Lifelong Catholic Barton moved Texas to suburban Denver in 2017 to accept a job teaching technology at All Souls.

According to this report, the principal called her on January 25 to place her on paid leave pending “an investigation” into the photo.

Soon after the call with the principal, Barton got another from a man who said he was “an information gatherer” for the Archdiocese of Denver.

Barton said:

He was asking me a lot of questions about my understanding of the Catholic faith and if I was aware of the church’s position on same-sex attraction and all that kind of stuff. It was a very uncomfortable conversation.

Despite being told she was being investigated, she was fired the very next day.

Barton wrote on Facebook:

An injustice occurred. I experienced discrimination on a personal level that nothing in my life to this point could have prepared me for. It’s discrimination. There’s no other word for it.

‘A crisis of faith’

As well as losing her job, Barton has suffered a crisis of faith.

I grew up in the Catholic faith. I believe I embody the values of that faith in my everyday life, and it pains me to hear that cannot be true because of who I love. To feel my own faith weaponized against me, is truly heartbreaking.

She ‘violated standards she previously agreed to uphold’

Image via YouTube

The archdiocese, which is led by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, above, confirmed Barton’s firing in a lengthy statement.

The school found it necessary to conclude the teacher’s employment because she did not honor the commitments she agreed to in her contract with the school … The school was made aware that one of their teachers is in a same-sex relationship, and after discussing this with the teacher, learned that she intends to persist in violating the standards she previously agreed to uphold.

Barton said she was “humbled and deeply grateful” that parents of some of her former pupils set up an online fundraiser that has raised almost $28,000.

GoFundMe says:

Maggie Barton was the Tech teacher (and so much more) at All Souls Catholic and brightened the lives of hundreds of students over her 6 years teaching.

This site was set up by a parent who knows so many want to show Ms. Barton support. They want to help Maggie in some small way so that finances are not causing stress at this time in her life. We’re hoping to help bridge the gap till Ms. Barton finds the next step in her career.

Barton advised those parents to also “tell the truth” to their kids as to why they’d lost their teacher.

I think shying away from those conversations is doing a disservice to the education of children. I want my students to keep learning. A lot of these issues come from a place of ignorance. There are a lot of supporters of the Catholic faith who would agree that this is not OK.

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4 responses to “Catholic Church snooper found a photo of a teacher kissing her girlfriend. She’s now out of a job”

  1. The Roman Catholic Sleaze Corporation’ will always pick on the weakest and most vulnerable in a pathetic attempt to demonstrate that it has principles and a moral code!

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  2. The hypocrisy of the RC church is without limit. They have no shame. Barton, who seems to haven been a well liked and effective teacher is sacked. Too bad that so many pupils will lose as a result. Meanwhile the same church with the same doctrine protects paedophile priests.

    Liked by 3 people

  3. Had Ms Barton been a paedophile she’d be a bishop by now.

    It is a safe bet that she is the only person in this saga who is not a danger to children.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Compared to the morass of RC abuses, including priestly paedophilia, kissing another girl seems about as harmless – and loving – as you could get. But that isn’t the kind of world the RC Church tolerates. Their minds are too warped by superstition to recognise and enjoy they simple pleasures of life.

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