Women should have no say in how many kids they have. That choice lies with their husbands.

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HATE preacher Jonathan Shelley, above, of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Watauga, Texas, briefly turned his attention away from attacking LGBT+ people to excoriate “effeminate” men who allow women bodily autonomy.

In a video that has so far been viewed more than 70,000 times, the sexist imbecile said:

How effeminate is that, to let your wife tell you when she’s gonna have kids or not? I mean that is feminism.

Shelley made the comments in a January 8 sermon titled “Postpartum and Pediatricians“.

According to this report, what set off Shelley’s latest rant was hearing an independent fundamental Baptist preacher saying:

Its not right for me to tell my wife when we are going to have kids, you know I need to ask her permission, or ask when it’s OK to start having kids.

Shelley responded:

You’re a fundamental Baptist preacher and you’re going to ask your wife it it’s OK to have children? I’m like, what planet am I living on?

Good question. It’s one I frequently shout whenever I stumble on reports like this, or hear Tory politicians claim that the UK economy is hunky dory when in fact the country faces one of the worst recessions and weakest recoveries in the G7 in the coming year.

Shelley’s remarks in the video drew strong opposition from followers of Hemant Mehta’s Twitter feed, with one saying:

I cannot imagine my husband telling me how many kids I am going to have. The person with a uterus decides when she has had enough.

Another added:

If it wasn’t for the fact I escaped a church like this, I’d have a hard time believing it exists.

Shelley is notorious for his hatred of gays

Last year, according to PinkNews, he denied inciting hatred against LGBT+ people—after voicing approval of trucks mowing down participants at Pride events.

One of the most evil, wicked things on this planet, is men with men. That is a grotesque and disgusting abomination.

He then added:

I’ve never advocated violence towards any singular person. I’ve only ever advocated for the legal sanctioned death penalty for homosexuals.

In 2019, he was quoted as saying rebellious public school students and “lazy gamers” should be stoned to death as part of a societal lesson in obedience.

In response to a request for comment on the latest video, Shelley defended his sermon while quoting scripture.

He told Newsweek:

I believe the Bible clearly teaches for men and women to ‘Be Fruitful and Multiply’ as taught in Genesis 1:22.

Additionally, the New Testament emphasizes that husbands and wives do not have control over their own body but must show ‘Due Benevolence’ (1 Cor 7:3) at the request of their spouse.

Considering that God opens and closes the womb it is impossible for married couples to fully control when, if, or how many children God blesses them with. I believe we must follow God’s commandments in marriage and allow God to provide us with children at his discretion.

The Neanderthal also defended his criticism of feminism and of women leading relationships.

While it is important to consider a wife’s opinion, advice, feelings, and health, husbands should make all the decisions of the family.

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8 responses to “Women should have no say in how many kids they have. That choice lies with their husbands.”

  1. Wow, that guy is a case study for hate.

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  2. What kind of woman would be prepared to marry Shelley? I assume some sad, downtrodden woman who does not think because she has been indoctrinated into subservience and “biblical truth” from childhood. Or perhaps someone so desperate that she will take anyone she can get. And in Shelley’s case she will not get anything worth having and will face the misery of being stripped of independence and free choice.

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    1. A victim of abuse.

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      1. If she wasn’t abused before she married him then what he is doing to her after marriage is mental, emotional and physical abuse. Shelley, an absurd fantasist
        sees his behaviour as macho and those of us who regard wives or partners as equals to be wimps. More examples of the cruelties arising from “biblical truth.”

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  3. There are religious nutters of all stripes who are misogynists and who believe women are just baby factories. I cannot understand why so many women are still religious knowing how the various cults treat us like second class citizens.

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    1. Angela, I have never understood why women have, over millennia, accepted the rants of misogynists (who have never disguised their utter contempt of females) by subscribing to their sect, marrying into the cult and willingly becoming subservient to their owners!

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  4. Women should have no say in how many kids they have i.e. justifying rape

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  5. This guy should be on every police database.

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