Fiery response to Danish fascist’s Quran burning stunt

Photo by Tobias Hellsten/ToHell via Wikimedia CC.

LET me make it crystal clear at the outset: I disapprove of the destruction of books—any books—especially when such provocative acts are committed by the likes of Rasmus Paludan, above, the extremist leader of the far-right Danish political party Stram Kurs.

Paludan’s latest stunt—the burning outside the Turkish Embassy in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, was intended to provoke hysterical reactions from thin-skinned Muslims around the world.

And it had the desired effect.

Yesterday (Tuesday) Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan ruled out supporting Sweden’s bid to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, venting anger over the stunt.

If you cannot show this respect, then sorry but you will not see any support from us on the NATO issue. Those who promote and turn a blind eye to this perversion have undoubtedly taken into account its consequences.

Turkey is sensitive about any hostile act toward Islam, and the President is looking to strengthen support from nationalists and the religiously conservative ahead of elections slated for May, according to the text below the video.

Protesters burning the Swedish flag outside the country’s consulate in Istanbul last Saturday. Image via YouTube.

Meanwhile it’s reported by ABC News that Egypt’s top religious institution yesterday called on Muslims world over to boycott Swedish and Dutch products.

The call by Egypt’s Al-Azhar, the Sunni Muslim world’s foremost religious institution, is the latest in a series of backlashes from the Muslim world over incidents in Sweden and the Netherlands.

Image via YouTube

In September, 2021, Paludan and a cohort tossed a Quran back and forth until it was reduced to shreds.

And on Sunday, Edwin Wagensveld, Dutch leader of the far-right Pegida movement, tore pages out of the Quran near the Dutch parliament in The Hague and stomped on them.

Al-Azhar called the desecrations an ‘’offence” to Muslims and said a boycott of both countries would be an appropriate response to governments that protect:

Barbaric crimes under the inhuman and immoral banner they call freedom of expression.

It was widely reported that Swedish police took no action against Paludan. Some stood smiling.

In Pakistan’s eastern city of Lahore, hundreds protested on Tuesday and condemned the desecration. Protests also took place in the two main Turkish cities, Istanbul and Ankara.

A confession: I once destroyed two weaponised Bibles

Both acts were entirely justified. The first happened when, as a teenager in apartheid South Africa, I witnessed a Dutch Reformed minister knock a a young black man to the ground with a bloody big Bible.

When I challenged the dominee, who had just left his church after a Sunday service, his justification for the assault was that the guy was “walking on a white man’s sidewalk on God’s day of rest.”

After helping the victim to his feet, I snatched the book from the preacher’s hand and threw it into the road where it was run over and shredded by a passing Austin A55.

Screenshot via Huck Magazine

Later, after I settled London, I spotted a street preacher, clutching a Bible, screaming abuse at nurses who had staged a walk-out over pay and conditions at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington in 1988.

I intervened when he called the nurses on a picket line “filthy whores of Babylon.” I won’t reveal the names I called him, but they left him so apoplectic that he took a swipe at my head with the Bible.

I ducked, grabbed the book and tossed it under the wheels of a passing Routemaster bus.

Reacting to cheers from the nurses I took a bow, and walked away, but not before reveling in the sight of the loon on his knees amid rush hour traffic trying salvage what was left of his “Good Book.”

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8 responses to “Fiery response to Danish fascist’s Quran burning stunt”

  1. Burning a book to me goes well beyond a specific book. I just find the thought of burning a book or tearing pages from it abhorrent. I can sympathise with those who are outraged with the destruction of the Quran, Especially as the destruction is for the worst of reasons: to create outrage, deeply offend and cause hurt.

    I wondered how I would react if a bible was being burned or having pages ripped out. I was surprised to find that I have some affection for the bible, on top of my affection for books, as it has become ingrained into me over the decades. I have a bible I got as a Sunday School prize and I have a a couple of bibles which belong to much loved relatives who died a long time ago. I still can remember some passages from the bible and I like a few hymns and many Christmas carols.

    None of this in any way affects my atheism or my awareness of so much nonsense in the bible.

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  2. I do not take pleasure in destroying books; however, I make an exception for the ‘holy’ tomes, such as the ubiquitous Gideons bibles, imposed on me in hotels around the world – they do not survive my visit.


  3. I too have an issue with book burning but have no problem with those that burn hate books such as the Koran, Bible etc.

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    1. Welcome Angela K, are you in the UK?

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      1. Hi Malcolm, yes in the UK. You probably remember me from the old Freethinker site.

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      2. Many are now calling the new FT site the Freestinker

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      3. So good to be back in touch Angela, I guessed that it was you from the old (and very much missed) Freethinker site, what a very sad decline into obscurity it has been.

        Barry is making such a huge effort to get we freethinkers back together again, I have always felt honour bound to support him. I have been in touch with Shell Fisher, I am sure that he too will be a very hearty AA supporter.

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  4. Barry, it is a measure of success when rivals start throwing insults.

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