Mohammed’s three wives and companions granted protection under an idiotic new Pakistan law

FOR far too long “disrepectful” Pakistanis have apparently been bad-mouthing those closely connected with the “prophet” and getting away with light sentences.

So one of the Islamic country’s numerous crackpot lawmakers— Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, above—decided that enough was enough.

Earlier this month he introduced a bill, passed by the National Assembly, that says that anyone found guilty of insulting chums and family of the “prophet” should be jailed for ten years.

Insulting Mo’s wives and cohorts had already been prohibited under the notorious Section 298c of the Pakistan Penal Code, which made any insults of Islam or the “prophet” a “crime” punishable by death.

However, disrespecting his family cronies carried the lesser sentence of three years’ imprisonment.

The new Section 381 of Pakistan Penal Code, passed on January 17, introduces the harsher sentence of a decade in the slammer.

According to Pakistan Today, Section 381 says that people who disrespect “sacred personalities” are promoting “terrorism and disruption in the country, and hurts people from all walks of life.”

Chitrali wanted to nuke India and Israel

The extent of Chitrali’s lunacy was exposed by MEMRI on 2021 after he demanded that the Pakistani military declare jihad against Israel and use its long-range missiles, F-17 fighter jets, and nuclear weapons against it and India.

He made his remarks in a speech that was aired on PTV (Pakistan) on May 17, 2021.

Chitrali said that Pakistan is the seventh most powerful country, and it should not use its missiles and nuclear weapons as children’s toys or artifacts in a museum. He continued to say that jihad is the only way to liberate Kashmir and Palestine.

He told the National Assembly:

Mr. Speaker, if you want to liberate Kashmir, if you want to help the Kashmiris, if you want to liberate Palestine, if you want to help the Palestinians, then you have only one path, and that is the path of ‘fight for the sake of Allah.’

The path of Allah is the path of jihad. Jihad is the only way. We have no way other than fighting and confronting them.

Wikipedia points out that, though no judicial executions have been carried out under Pakistan’s blasphemy laws, many of those accused, their lawyers and any persons speaking against such laws and proceedings have become victims of lynchings or street vigilantism in Pakistan.

More than 75 people were murdered for blasphemy between 1987 and 2017

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6 responses to “Mohammed’s three wives and companions granted protection under an idiotic new Pakistan law”

  1. Barry, I have a feeling that you and I will not be welcome in the Pakistan capital Islamisbad (on one occasion I accidentally used the name when talking to my agent in Karachi, he laughed and agreed with me).

    From 1980 to 2000 I had to visit every Islamic ‘paradise’ on business, on each occasion I had to hold my nose because of the stench of bigotry, corruption and the appalling treatment of women by their owners; it is so refreshing to now be able to be able to voice my abomination of all religions.

    I have, in pride of place in my hall (facing my entrance door), a limited edition print of Mo the Turban Bomber signed by Kurt Westergaard, the money that I that I paid Kurt went to a charity to support the families of journalists killed or maimed in the pursuit of truth.

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  2. The views of Moulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali and people like him, so determined to protect their prophet, lead to greater cruelty. Christians generally, regardless of what they practice, at least claim their God is a god of love. I don’t what Moulana claims for his god other than that the slightest apparent criticism or him or his relatives must result in the most severe of punishments. And the abuse of women.

    He and his like are sadistic hypocrites. They seem to enjoy practising their sadism while claiming that it is to protect their prophet. They are mentally sick: either made so by their beliefs or because they are fundamentally sadistic by nature.

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    1. The books of the Abrahamic cult (koran, bible and torah) are unfit for human consumption; as a minimum, they should carry a warning that they can severely damage your mental and physical health and only be sold to age 21+.

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  3. Most of Pakistan was without power yesterday, but the REALLY important thing for Pakistanis is to ensure that mythical religious characters do not have their feelings hurt!

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    1. About 60% of the 200 million Nigerians are permanently without electricity, when Islam has complete control of the country with an estimated 400 million in about 25 years, people will look back with nostalgia to those heady days when it was only 60%.

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    2. I suppose it’s a matter of priorities. One day, far ahead, they might decide they prefer electricity which is available as a practical service to their prophet who never makes an appearance. However, don’t hold your breath.

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