Spray away the gay: Mexican woman launches a holy water attack on loving couple

Screen shots and main image via Pixabay (Jeff Jacobs.)

LEONARDO Hernández, inset, and his partner Thomas were doing just what millions of couples do when they are love.

They were relaxing with their arms around each other when a mad, unidentified woman appeared out of nowhere.

Brandishing a plastic bottle reportedly containing holy water, she sprayed them with it, made a sign of the cross, then phoned the police.

What apparently infuriated the god-besotted woman was the fact that they were cuddling on the steps of a church in Toluca, a town 50 miles west of Mexico City.

Hernández, an architectural designer, filmed the Christian crazy and posted a video to TikTok, where is immediately went viral, attracting almost 400,000 views by last Wednesday, according to NBC News.

Hernández can be heard on the video telling her, “It is bad to hate, lady.”

A bystander intervened to defend the couple, telling the imbecile:

They are not doing anything. They are just sitting here.

The woman told the police that that the church is private property and that the couple is not welcome in the “lord’s house.”

They are not from here. They come from other depraved countries to teach immorality to the youth here.

Police brushed her off

The cop who took the call was unimpressed. When Hernandez used the woman’s phone to tell the officer that he didn’t think hugging his partner was an “immoral act” they responded by telling the woman that “this is discrimination.”

However that couple were advised to avoid confrontation and leave the steps. Hernandez thanked the officer before ending the video.

Hernandez captioned his video in Spanish, saying:

It’s difficult to understand that someone can treat you like this for loving freely. The good are more; thanks to the authorities and people of the church who decided to act with love and consistency.


Hernández, who has also appeared on Mexican TV to discuss the incident, said that he believes that religion should be about doing good, being respectful, loving your neighbor unconditionally, and being able to love freely.

But he added that it is often used to:

Promote hate and rejection of a group for the simple fact of loving and being who you are.

Despite that, he also said the supportive response to the video shows that:

We are learning to accept the great diversity that exists in this world.

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2 responses to “Spray away the gay: Mexican woman launches a holy water attack on loving couple”

  1. No sign of “God is love” from the crazy Christian. Another example of how Christian belief unbalances the mind.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There is no hate quite like Christian love…


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