Mad Marjorie Taylor Green is flogging ‘Proud Christian Nationalist’ T-Shirts

JUST how crazy is Marjorie Taylor Greene, the far-right Christian Trumpista and Republican Congresswoman? A trawl through her social media posts and reports of her antics certainly indicate that she’s long-overdue confinement in a padded cell.

Last month, for example, she bragged that if she and the former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon—jailed for four months last year—been in charge of organising the insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, the violent crowd would have won, and everyone in it “would’ve been armed”.

Earlier this year, Greene was asked at a town hall in Georgia: “Do you agree with Rep. Madison Cawthorn that Ukraine President Zelensky is corrupt and that the Ukrainian government is corrupt?” Responding to it swiftly, Greene said, “Yes and yes. That’s an easy one.”

Today I learned that the God-and-guns lunatic has been flogging “Proud Christian Nationalist” T-shirts since last summer for $30.00.

Image via Instagram

This fact emerged in an examination of Christian nationalism published by Religion News Service on January 6—the 2nd anniversary of the insurrection at the Capitol.

In it reporter Bob Smietana wrote that Christian nationalism seemed to have sunk into its own digital world after most social media platforms gave people like Greene the boot.

However he predicted that:

If Trump’s 2024 reelection bid gains steam, you’ll likely be hearing from this mix of prosperity-gospel proponents and self-proclaimed prophets who believe Trump was ordained by God to be president.

Among the better known are Lance Wallnau, who predicted Trump’s 2016 election when the former president was still a long shot; South Carolina preacher Mark Burns; California megachurch pastor Che Ahn; and the Rev. Mario Bramnick of New Wine Ministries Church in Cooper City, Florida.

He added:

Some of this group overlaps with the New Apostolic Reformation, a network of preachers who believe that church leaders have been given spiritual authority over Christian nations and seek to develop ties with leaders abroad.

Smietana’s report references a recent Pew Research Center survey that showed that found that half of Americans (52 percent) said the federal government should never name any religion as the country’s official faith.

However 45 percent said the US Should Be a “Christian nation.”

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One response to “Mad Marjorie Taylor Green is flogging ‘Proud Christian Nationalist’ T-Shirts”

  1. Do these nutters actually believe what they are saying or are their crazy ideas a route to cash and religious success? I guess their brains, such as they are, have been so corrupted by nonsense that they now do believe what they say. There have been slivers of information from close Trump associates which indicate that he knew he had fairly lost the election.

    As people, with their vicious and bizarre comments they do seem repellent. They also seem to me to be specific to the USA. I may be wrong but I haven’t noticed any religious groups quite so ghastly in the UK. Perhaps as they grow big enough and get sufficient leverage they feed off each other and spread. They are an example of how fundamentalist religious beliefs can make people mentally sick. And some of those described here are prime sickos. There ideas are destructive for their country and the planet.

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