Please make your views known regarding assisted suicide

Christian Concern, a UK based hate-group notorious for pumping out anti-gay, anti-trans propaganda, now has bodily autonomy in its sights.

It vehemently opposes assisted suicide, and is urging its brainless supporters to tell the government that

Human life is sacred and should be allowed to end naturally, not artificially ended.

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Headed by the ghastly Andrea Minichielo Williams (above) Christian Concern latched onto a consultation document which I urge you to fill in to express your views on assisted dying.

The deadline to respond is Friday 20 January 2023.

As a decades-long supporter of assisted dying I have just responded by saying that, while we have no say regarding our birth, we should be allowed to exercise end-of-life choices.

Christian Concern claims that:

The experience of other countries that have legalised assisted dying is that ‘safeguards’ against abuse do not work. Instead, once a ‘right to die’ is established, the limits on who has this ‘right’ are persistently and incrementally extended with activists applying pressure to expand the categories of people who will qualify.


The vast majority of UK doctors are opposed to legalising assisted suicide. This is especially the case with doctors involved in palliative care who therefore have the most to lose from a change in the law.

Yet a UKGov survey last year, according to the Guardian, showed that three-quarters of Britons support doctor-assisted dying for people who are terminally ill.

When I filled out the questionnaire I said I supported a referendum on assisted dying, but Christian Concern opposes one, saying:

A referendum is likely to be manipulated by emotional hard cases. We do not think the law should be changed, so no new resources are needed to consider a change.

Christian Concern regularly beseeches its deranged supporters to pray for or against certain things, and inevitable comes a cropper.

Most recently it asked people to pray that the the Gender Recognition Reform (Scotland) Bill should not be passed.

Its imaginary god was apparently too busy with other, more important issues at the time, and the bill was passed by 86 to 39 votes. There were no abstentions.

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5 responses to “Please make your views known regarding assisted suicide”

  1. Two pictures of Old Leather Face on the one page is against the Geneva Convention!

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  2. I have experience of the extreme distress endured by my aged and terminally ill mother over the last three months of her life. She pleaded for death every day. We could not see the point of her suffering and the distress of her loving relatives. We managed to keep her at home only due to the care of my wife, a medical professional. I completed and sent the survey form.


  3. I want to avoid a messy suicide when I decide to end my life. I alone will make the decision when to collect the pill from a pharmacy; if I am incapacitated, I want my daughter to get the pill for me.


    1. I feel the same way. Not to be denied death when we are suffering means we are being treated worse than dogs. My mother died a lingering, painful death when she was terminally ill. About three months later we had to have a much loved Labrador put to death. The dog was told to sit and lie down which he was used to doing. The vet injected him and he died painlessly and quickly. I couldn’t help making the comparison. We grieved over his death. We did not have to witness months of suffering.


  4. The likelihood of getting an assisted dying bill through parliament is low when considering that 96% of Tory MPs swore with a ‘holy’ book of lies when declaring their allegiance to the king – most of the 96% are hypocritical liars who have no more interest in religion than me, a devout nullifidian for over 70 years.


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